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How to Create the Ultimate Boutique Gym Experience.

As more boutique studios pop up on the market, members’ expectations of what they get from a gym experience have grown, too.

At Training Space in Palo Alto, California, members can be sure that their workout will be taken to the next level. The setting is intimate, the training is more strategic and individualized, and members get more attention in general.

Employing 1-on-1 personal training, this boutique gym was designed to push people to their limits to strengthen their body and build their confidence for sustainable results. Offering convenience and a sense of community in an exciting way that fosters commitment, Training Spaces is attractive and upscale. It’s an environment that takes the guesswork out of the equation and enables trainers and members to workout in both comfort and safety, while also inspiring gym goers to achieve their goals.

It was designed with functional fitness in mind to provide members with memorable exercise experiences.

“Our goal is to empower the individual past their training with us. We are here to give you real advice that is backed by experience and science.”


A Carefully Designed Environment.

The layout of this boutique gym holds significant importance. In terms of layout, Escape carefully designed the physical space and equipment to minimize distractions, increase efficiency, and regularly help members achieve fast and lasting results.

Ultimately, the goal was to make sure the overall layout of the fitness space works for the gym, its staff, and its members. Walking into this boutique gym, members inherently understand what they are there to accomplish, and there are virtually no choices to make, except perhaps which piece of equipment they want to hit first.

Knowing the customer base allowed us to determine what equipment was required and where it needed to be positioned. Versatility was fundamental in order to maximize the space and help increase revenue without reducing floor space.

With boutique gyms, nearly every member will tell you it’s all about the experience.

The level of personalization at Training Space is second to none, inspiring the most dynamic training– and the body transformation results speak for themselves!


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