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How This Sports Nutrition Entrepreneur Went from $0 to $400 Million - Blog.

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How This Sports Nutrition Entrepreneur Went from $0 to $400 Million

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How do you start a wildly successful business with little to no money? What allows some entrepreneurs to bootstrap their business to success while others falter and fail?

The truth is: It takes remarkably little money to make money, if you're clever and work hard.

British entrepreneur Oliver Cookson should know.

He bootstrapped Myprotein, a successful sports nutrition business, in 2004 after borrowing £500 from the bank. No venture capitalists. No outside help or influence.

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A few years later, he sold Myprotein to The Hut Group, maintaining 100% equity and earning a nine-digit exit. During our interview, he highlights the advantages of bootstrapping a self-sustaining, self-funded business.

Nothing is off the table, as long as it’s relevant to the customer.

Oliver was recently named the UK’s number one self-made millionaire under 40 with a net worth of £306 million.

His memoir, “Bootstrap Your Life,” which he began writing at the beginning of the first lockdown is due to be published in summer 2021.

Oliver also hosts the podcast Bootstrap Your Life, which features 15-minute episodes that cover topics such as self-esteem, business advice, mental health, mindset, and investment.

You can purchase his book here.

Oliver Cookson on the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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