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Home Gym Workout Equipment That’ll Help You Hit Those Fitness Goals in 2021. - Blog.

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Home Gym Workout Equipment That’ll Help You Hit Those Fitness Goals in 2021.

Many gyms are still closed due to the pandemic. Don’t let that stop you from achieving your fitness goals in the new year.

Welcome to 2021. While this is typically the busiest time of year for gyms and fitness studios, many of them are still closed due to COVID-19.

For the majority of people, that means getting creative and finding ways to stay in shape with homebound workouts.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a 5,000 sq. ft. home, dedicating an area for fitness is a great way to inspire movement. Likewise, it could give you the added motivation you need to take care of your physical and mental health.

As modern life becomes increasingly busy, designing a home gym of your own makes working out so convenient. Let’s face it, getting and staying fit is so much more than just a New Year’s resolution. It’s a lifestyle.

If the gym or studio you’re a member of is still closed, you’re not quite ready to step inside one, or you simply didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, you can still hit your fitness goals. This is your opportunity to create your dream home gym.

Check out the equipment below and start 2021 off elevating your home gym space with our most popular products. New year, new gear?


The STRONGBOX is an all-in-one fitness bench, plyo platform, and equipment storage unit.

Ergonomically designed octagon-shaped back pads allow clearance for exercises while your back remains supported.

Store six pairs of dumbbells of different weights to accommodate users of different abilities in a single session. Choose your range of equipment wisely to blend cardio, strength and power exercises that require a range of weights into your workouts and programming.

Six levels of incline: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°.




This dial-in resistance tube system has transformed the game when it comes to developing strength, stability, balance, and range of motion. The VECTOR offers the kind of versatility you wish your current resistance bands delivered.

  1. Resistance change in one training tool
  2. Features Kevlar for both safety and longevity
  3. Effective for strength training
  4. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

One tool. Countless exercise options to keep your fitness progress on track. Already own the VECTOR? Try this VECTOR workout with Luke Baden.




With an updated design and brand-new, exciting colors, this Escape Fitness staple has been given a makeover. It’s better than ever, with a soft outer covering and more carrying/holding options to get in a full-body workout.

The Corebag is a highly versatile yet simple piece of equipment that’s accessible to all fitness levels. It challenges your stability while you work through movements, meaning you always hit your core. Perfect for lunges, squats, and presses in a functional circuit.

If you want an alternative to dumbbells or barbells, or just want to mix up your training, you’ll want to add a couple of these (in different weights) to your home gym.

Need storage? The RACK5 stores up to 10 Corebags, keeping them off the floor and organized.




Swing it. Grab it. Flip it. Pass it. The GRIPR offers amazing versatility for dynamic exercises and is a great way to train deep core muscles. Made to withstand the toughest workouts, it is made using micro-grade steel sand full-sealed within a double-stitched neoprene bag. Forget worrying about leaking sand!

Need storage? Check out our Ammo Box.



DECK 2.0.

The Deck 2.0 was recently featured in Men’s Health magazine as one of the best weight benches to buy for your home gym. And for good reason.

The Escape Deck 2.0 features target zones for even more programming options for stepping and BODYPUMP™ sessions. Integrated storage means that users can quickly access hand weights or resistance bands for fast-paced group training and as a weight bench you can choose between 30°, 45° and 70° angles.




Whether your fitness goals include having stronger thighs, toned shoulders, a bigger chest, or chiseled back, dumbbells really do it all.

With a pair of dumbbells, you can take your fitness training to the next level without having to step foot in a gym.

Our options not only make sense from a stay fit and strong standpoint but also from a space and function standpoint since they are compact and versatile!

Need storage? The XRACK 2.0 is a vertical storage rack that holds 10 pairs of dumbbells to keep your entire set off the floor and organized. It looks really cool, too.