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Group training goes al fresco - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Group training goes al fresco

In an article we published last month we introduced you to our outdoor training fitness solution and the success it had at this year’s BP: Fitness Trade Show. If you missed out, you can read the full blog here.

Escape is now offering an awesome outdoor fitness solution, combining a weatherproof container and a great selection of functional training equipment. This solution enables customers to generate extra profit but utilising unused space and taking their training experience outside.

In this article we delve deeper into this experience and how you can breathe life into the container with the implementation of group programming. Join us now as we show you how to awaken the senses with our trio of group training programmes.



As touched upon in our last blog, outdoor training is huge right now. We see the trend going from strength to strength, and the great reaction we had to our outdoor training fitness solution at the BP show demonstrates this.

Mix together the container – which can be supplied with a club’s unique branding – great equipment, all-weather flooring and brilliant group training programmes, and you have an exciting new offering that your members will love. And yes, Escape can deliver the group training as part of the package.

During the big launch at BP, the team did a great job giving the container some oomph by running a continuous stream of group training demonstrations throughout the day. HIIT THE DECK, BATTLE FIT and MOVE IT kept the crowd captivated.

The feedback we had from stand visitors was fantastic. What people loved most was the relationship our group training programmes had with the container. The programming, container and equipment all worked brilliantly in harmony. 


The demand for fun, fast group training is nothing new. Clubs all over the globe are offering innovative classes that keep their members engaged and excited. Whatever the reason, group training has people hooked.

Along with our outdoor training fitness solution, BP stirred up interest in our trio of group training programmes: HIIT THE DECK, BATTLE FIT and MOVE IT. So let’s look at what these programmes have to offer, including how they can be integrated with the new container solution.



Perfect for: Any club wanting to run bootcamp-style programmes.

Approach: It’s hard-hitting, it’s tough and it will take no prisoners. BATTLE FIT is arguably one of the hardest functional group training programmes on the market.

Developed by ex-army officers, this programme replicates the military experience, with participants working hard as a team to complete each mission. These high-intensity 35-minute workouts are great for building a strong team bond, which can only have a positive effect on membership retention.

This bootcamp style workout is the perfect addition to the container. As proven by popular obstacle races such as Tough Mudder, braving the great outdoors is a popular way of getting in shape. It awakens the senses and gives participants a feeling of achievement – not to mention it’s a whole load of fun to get into battle mode and unleash new fitness levels.

Equipment: BATTLE FIT is built around a varied suite of functional tools that can be bought as a pack, including Sandbags, TIYRs, Battle Ropes, GRIPRs and Core Momentum Trainers.

Tip: Use the terminology card provided in the pack to really bring the programme to life. By taking on the persona of an army officer, trainers will give participants an extra psychological push to take them past their comfort zones.



Perfect for: Clubs who want to engage more members than ever in functional training.

Approach: This results-driven programme appeals to members of all levels. MOVE IT is designed to achieve the maximal post exercise benefits of HIIT training, developing rest aerobic and anaerobic capacity to new levels.

It does this by taking participants through a series of workout zones. Each zone contains a different piece of equipment, chosen to challenge energy systems and develop total body strength and endurance.

MOVE IT can be run as a 30 or 45 minute workout. With 24 workout variations for each, members will never get bored of the same old routine week after week.

Another way you can ensure you stand out from the crowd is by using our bespoke floor markings service. With this your club can add a new dimension to the programme and differentiate each zone.

Equipment: Clubs can take the stress out of choosing the right equipment with our readymade packs, including Corebags, Core Momentum Trainers, Bulgarian Bags, Kettlebells and Slamballs. Packs can also include bespoke floor markings and an Octagon HTS frame for the best possible MOVE IT experience.

Tip: Add in another station by using the roof of the container to attach TRX Suspension Trainers. This gives the workout another intense strength based exercise that gets the heart rate soaring in next to no time.



Perfect for: Boutiques, studios and PT.

Approach: The perfect blend of cardio, strength and plyometrics make up this all-rounder. Using just the Escape Deck 2.0 and a handful of carefully selected functional tools, HIIT THE DECK is the go-to programme if you want a quick-fire workout that doesn’t take up too much floor space.

Investment in HIIT THE DECK comes with everything your club or PT business could possibly need. There are workout videos and templates, trainer education materials, coaching notes and the music you need for large group choreographed sessions.

Equipment: Deliver the ultimate experience with the HIIT THE DECK equipment packs; including some expertly selected tools such as Bulgarian Bags, Resistance Tubes, Dumbbells and GRIPRs.

Tip: If you’re a trainer you can ramp up the intensity of the class for more advanced members by increasing the pace and resistance levels. Aim to leave all participants feeling challenged and energised.


All three programmes come as ‘business in a box’ solutions. These all-in-one packages come with training, programming, operations and marketing support; ensuring consistency of delivery and results for members, leading to improved retention for clubs.

Escape offer equipment packs for each programme to accommodate clubs of all sizes. These packs include the essential tools needed to bring the programme to life and ensure your members get the best out of their workout.


Small and large group training is an effective and affordable way to keep members on their toes. All three of our training programmes are fun, sociable and most importantly produce the desired results participants want to see.

With state-of-the-art equipment, bespoke design, flooring and a brand new outdoor training fitness solution your club or business could be moments away from industry leadership.

Find out more about HIIT THE DECKBATTLE FIT and MOVE IT – and if you would like to talk to the team about group programming, equipment or the container for outdoor training please get in touch today: [email protected]

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