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Gold’s Gym SoCal Becomes First US Locations to Protect its Gyms with HeiQ V-Block Ecosystem. - Blog.

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Gold’s Gym SoCal Becomes First US Locations to Protect its Gyms with HeiQ V-Block Ecosystem.

In partnership with Escape Fitness, HeiQ, and The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS), the HeiQ V-block Ecosystem will be implemented in individual Gold's Gym locations as they are scheduled to reopen across California in the coming months.

Is it safe, or wise, to return to the gym? As gyms begin to reopen, that’s the question on millions of peoples’ minds. They want to feel safe, comfortable, and informed about what new preventative measures gyms are taking to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

The pandemic has changed just about every routine in our lives, cleaning and disinfecting now among them. Now, more than ever, Gold’s Gym’s members and staff will expect the most thorough cleaning strategies to help them feel at ease. They want to make educated decisions and have peace of mind about whether, when, and how best to head back safely to weight rooms, cardio machines, and classes.

Gold’s Gym SoCal will be the first large US fitness franchise to protect the environment of its gym locations with the HeiQ V-Block Surface Protection Ecosystem, featuring several market-leading technologies from HeiQ, including an EPA-registered antimicrobial surface protection solutions called HeiQ BacShield RTU.

This is exciting news for the fitness industry.



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