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    Get ready for the big show – IHRSA is on the way - Blog.

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    Get ready for the big show – IHRSA is on the way

    There is only six weeks left until IHRSA 2018 opens its doors on San Diego, and the Escape Fitness team will be right there in the centre of the excitement.

    If you are heading to IHRSA, be sure to pay us a visit on stand number 135 and try out some of the latest Escape additions to our extensive range of functional training equipment.

    Here at Escape we LOVE the exhibition season, and endless hours are spent choosing the right equipment to showcase, and designing the stand, flooring and private meeting spaces to give you a thorough and complete experience of the Escape solution. We really want to get you joining in on our stand.

    But how often do you attend exhibitions or trade shows, year after year, with absolutely no change to show for it in your facility, member numbers or revenue?

    Well why not make this year different? Whether you’re attending IHRSA in America next month, FIBO in Cologne in April, or another trade show later on in the year, here are three ways to get the best from IHRSA this year.


    1 – Take the dimensions of your gym.

    Even if you don’t think you need anything from a trade show and are solely attending for the networking opportunities, there might be something that catches your eye that could propel your club well beyond the competition. By having dimensions and a floor plan to hand, gym design specialists can help you realise the potential in your club, or advise on appropriate sizes/costs if you do see a piece of equipment you want to take home with you!


    2 – Speak to your members.

    Discover what they like and what they don’t like about their club and ask them what they would change. Many clubs run the risk of offering a commoditised product rather than a personalised one. More free weights? More small group training? More PT opportunities? There are so many different possibilities – they may surprise you with a few and spark your creativity. Knowing these before you leave to visit an exhibition will give you some ideas to talk through with the companies you meet.


    3 – Think about budgets.

    There may be parts of your gym that your staff prefer to work their clients on. This may be for a number of reasons. Ask them what would make their jobs easier and more enjoyable, and what would offer the best results for their clients. These answers may be different between PTs and Group X instructors, but it’s a great place to start realising where improvements could be made and a great focus for while you’re at the show. It may be that they need more training on certain equipment to fully utilise all the training possibilities it offers or more programming ideas for small group training.

    Whether you’re looking to completely refurbish your club, or just looking for a new range of dumbbells, be sure to assess your finances and have a budget in mind of what you can afford to spend. Depending on where you’re at in the process of club development (are you working with an empty shell, or are you well established?) this could vary drastically, but it always helps so you don’t get carried away and end up with huge costs that aren’t accounted for!

    We can’t wait to see you at IHRSA to hear some of the great ideas you’ve got for the rest of the year, and we hope we can help you achieve the health club or gym you’ve always wanted!

    If you’re heading to IHRSA in San Diego and would like to secure some time with us at our stand, book a meeting now.
    Email: sales@escapefitness.com or call 614 706 4462 (US) or +44 (0)1733 313535 (ROW).