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Functional training: the ultimate kettlebell complex in 35 seconds! - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Functional training: the ultimate kettlebell complex in 35 seconds!

In our new bite-size WoWs, Tommy Matthews will introduce a great workout you can share with your clients, complete with full step-by-step instructions below. The big advantage of our new-look WoW is that you’ll get everything you need in one quick hit. Our new 30 second format also makes it more convenient to access the WoW on the go.

This issue, Tommy brings us the Ultimate Kettlebell WoW! Think you can handle it?

You’ll need to complete 1 complex every minute for ten minutes. It’s not easy, but your reward is a great total body workout.


Double Clean

  • Position the Kettlebells on the ground out in front of you. Grasp them by the handles.
  • Pull the Kettlebells back between the legs f
  • Press Kettlebells overhead whilst breathing out.
  • Ensure a full ROM is attained across the shoulder joint.
  • Return to start position.


Back Squat

  • Hold the Kettlebells over the shoulders.
  • Sit back in hips, keeping head up and chest up.
  • Sit deep into squat, so your knee joint goes through 90 degrees.
  • Activate glutes and stand tall.


Double Swing

  • As the Kettlebell drops sit back in hips and allow the Kettlebell to swing through your legs.
  • Stand tall, ensuring glutes are activated and hips are in full extension.


Bent over Row

Set up in a horizontal spine position similar to that of a Stiff Leg Deadlift.

  • Keep spine in neutral throughout.
  • Pull elbows past the trunk, aiming to retract the scapula.
  • Return to starting position.


Push Up on Bells

  • Lock the arms out over the Kettlebells, with shoulders directly over the handles.
  • Lower the chest towards the handles.
  • Push the chest away from the Kettlebells, extending at the elbows.


Renegade Row

  • Maintain a neutral posture and straight body over the Kettlebells.
  • Lock the arms out over the Kettlebells, with shoulders directly over the handles.
  • Pull one Kettlebell towards the chest whilst keeping the other arm stable over the handle.
  • Lower it and switch to the other arm.


Double Clean

  • Take one Kettlebell in each hand.
  • Swing them between your legs.


Front Squat

  • Raise the Kettlebells to shoulder height.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Drop down to your haunches.


Double Military Press

  • Raise the Kettlebells straight above your head and hold.


Back Squat

  • Hold the Kettlebells at shoulder height.
  • Keep your back straight and squat.

Double Swing

  • Swing both Kettlebells between your legs and return to the starting position.


Bent Over Row

  • Start with the Kettlebells on the ground.
  • Bend over and pull the Kettlebells in towards your stomach.


Push Up on Bells

  • With one Kettlebell in each hand, extend your body just above the floor and perform a press up.


Renegade Row

  • Keep your body fully stretched out.
  • Keep holding the right Kettlebell down and lift the left Kettlebell up.
  • Hold the left Kettlebell down and lift the right Kettlebell up.

Ready to wow your clients with some Kettlebell action?

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