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Frank Zane explains his secrets to bodybuilding success - Blog.

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Frank Zane explains his secrets to bodybuilding success

Bodybuilding legends all have their secrets to success, but when Matthew Januszek spoke to Frank Zane for the Escape Your Limits podcast, he revealed the mindset that beat Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he’s stuck with the same mantras for decades of achievements since his Mr Olympia wins.



“Your success is equal to the product of the effort you put in to your exercise, your attitude, your recuperation and your nutrition. You’ve got to attend to all of those details.”

It’s not just about the body, when it comes to working out. Even if you don’t take the methods as far as meditation, your mindfulness and positivity are both key to completing everything you could wish to achieve.

“I have workouts for my mind as well,” explains Frank. “I have what’s called mind gym, where I use light and sound techniques – they’re called entrainment techniques. You subject your body to certain frequencies and vibrational pulses. Your natural resonant systems such as your breathing and your pulse all line up with it. We call them mind muscle machines.

“They’re like a pair of sunglasses with LEDs on the inside that flash at different rates. You get into different states of consciousness and alertness; some energise you and some make you drowsy.”





You may be forgiven to think that Frank isn’t someone familiar with failure. However, in order to achieve greatness you have to fall down and get back up again. Frank’s failure came in learning the hard way how to deal with emotion.

“When you go through personal growth, it’s a blessing but it can be a curse. There are certain things I didn’t deal with, and one of them was anger. My anger was under control but in 1980 I had an outburst of anger leading to a bad accident where I fell in a swimming pool and smashed my urethra. I competed that year anyway but that was the beginning of the end for me.

“What that all led to was that I learned not to use negative body metaphors – a figure of speech that uses your body in a negative way. When I was angry I’d say stuff like ‘that pisses me off.’ What happened with my accident? Right before it I was very angry. It was eight weeks before the Olympia and I was going for the fourth win. I was in incredible shape, but I was thinking ‘I hate this. Another eight weeks of torture. My life is nothing but doing this…’ I sat in my chair, slipped and slid into the pool, smashed my urethra and had to have a catheter inserted. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. What did I get from that statement – ‘that pisses me off’? I literally created my pissing being off.”

“People do that all the time. It’s how we unconsciously set up our lives. Pain in the ass, pain in the neck, it makes me sick… You say that, you’re right! You’re starting your cycle for your self-fulfilling prophecy.”

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