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Fitness industry personality joins forces with Escape at IHRSA 2017 - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Fitness industry personality joins forces with Escape at IHRSA 2017

2017 kicked off to a great start for Escape Fitness. The team wrapped up two major international events, BodyPower India and NIRSA, within the first couple months. Eager for the challenge, Escape are thrilled to announce their partnership with TRX Rip Trainer Creator Pete Holman.

The IHRSA 2017 fitness industry trade show and exhibition, being held in Los Angeles on 8-11 March, will present itself as the starting point for this new venture. Set to pack a punch, Pete will be using his experience and talent to support Escape’s journey to re-invent the way people understand fitness.

Experience, education and training

As a qualified physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist and former US National Taekwondo champion, Pete has been an influential figure within the fitness industry for 25 years. Pete’s most recent exploits include delivering sports performance education to coaches, trainers and top athletes.

Pete’s utilises his experience as an elite level athlete to bring out the ‘athlete’ in all who he works with: an ethos we feel strongly about here at Escape. Specialising in biomechanics, core performance and agility, Pete’s extensive knowledge of the human body continue to inspire.

Pete is often recognized for putting the RIPCORE-FX on the market with his company, Aspen Core Fitness. Causing a stir within the fitness industry, the RIPCORE-FX was designed to develop explosive power and core strength within a challenging and innovative workout. Storming onto the market with great success, the RIPCORE-FX helped to revolutionise the functional fitness world.

Time for a comeback

Aspen Core Fitness and the RIPCORE-FX were later acquired by industry leading functional fitness training company TRX and as a result ‘Rip Training’ programming was launched. Countless gyms across the globe today reap the benefits of Rip Training; providing their members with a mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility and balance challenges.

Pete parted ways with TRX in 2015 to pursue ventures new, keeping busy running a private physical therapy practice and personal training business in Aspen, Colorado. After two years, Pete is excited to take on a new challenge.

Is IHRSA ready for Pete Holman?    

IHRSA 2017 poses as a natural environment for Pete to burst back onto the scene. With a raw passion to educate and inspire industry professionals, Pete has continued to exert his expertise at popular events such as, the Aspen Sports Summit, the Aspen Brain Lab and Project Moves Functional Training Summit.

Hungry for the challenge, Pete comments:

“My hope is that by partnering with a first class functional training and education company like Escape, I have the ability to get back into product design, content development and education delivery.

“I believe that the collaboration between a company that strives for innovation, progress and excellence and an individual, who endeavors to share the gift of health and fitness with the rest of the world, will lead to victory.”

As a well-known visionary and influencer within the industry, Escape are very excited to take on new challenges with Pete. Pete will be presenting alongside Escape at IHRSA 2017, held in Los Angeles. We urge attendees to come and introduce yourselves to the team and Pete, who is eager to share his 25 years of sports medicine experience with you all. Standing at booth 1367, watch out for new product launches, challenges, workouts and the exclusive debut of BATTLE FIT, our bootcamp style HIIT group programme.

Expect to see familiar faces joining Pete, including Matthew Januszek, Head of Education and Programming Tommy Matthews and BATTLE FIT founder Jon Reynolds.

Welcome, Pete!

Escape co-founder Matthew Januszek, is thrilled to have Pete join the team:

“The team and I feel very optimistic about bringing Pete on board. He is a well-known name within the fitness industry and I am confident that our partnership will only result in positive outcomes.

"Pete’s contagious energy will help to bring our solutions and products to life. Having been a personal friend of Pete’s for many years, we are excited to be working together to push the boundaries of exercise experience.”

Find out more

For more information you can go to our IHRSA page or you can email us at [email protected] or call us on one of these numbers:

UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535
USA: +1 (614)-706-4462
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