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Fitness for student accommodation that stands out - Blog.

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Fitness for student accommodation that stands out

Specialists in student accommodation for an ambitious generation, it's no surprise that award-winning student accommodation company, true Student, needed something special in both gym design and equipment for its Salford development fitness space.

The brand's parent company, Bricks Group has an impressive port folio including developments for Marriott and Hilton hotels. The work has to be up to the highest of standards.

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A true partnership with true Student.

“Escape worked with true Student's first accommodation site in the west end of Glasgow,” explains Senior Account Manager at Escape Fitness, Richard Burton. “It had a very similar feel to this Salford location; we've just made some tweaks moving forward. The customer still has plenty of rapid growth on the go.”

Social distance and safety for students.

“The main features of this gym include access to boxing and space for classes with grid system. In normal times the grid system would have a person in every box marked out on the floor, but currently it gives a great opportunity to practise social distancing with visual markers between participants. Residents and members also have the cardio and free weights areas coming in to play, and Escape has been supporting with the overall gym layout and design.”

A love affair of luxury and learning.

“For their residents, true Student offers a luxury accommodation block. For example, both sites have got a curly Google-esque slide in there, and they aim it at the high end students.

“The gym then allows them to increase the value of the offer to the student. It's a cool, great space that students want to be in and use.

“The idea is to make it very different to any other student block gym, so as to stand out way above the competition.”


Richard continues: “With the attraction of the fitness space and the feedback the true Student team has had, there's appeal to offer external usage of the space for other students or other gym goers elsewhere in the area, which then opens up the potential for a Direct Debit line and additional return on investment.”


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