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    Escape Fitness launches new products, app and programming at IHRSA 2017 - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Escape Fitness launches new products, app and programming at IHRSA 2017


    Escape has been hard at work in development to launch smartly-designed, colorful, new functional equipment to help gyms, fitness facilities and studios create the vibrant boutique experiences rapidly gaining market share today. New products include:

    • PLYO360 – Ideal for improving lower body strength and stability, this octagonal plyo box is all about multiplanar plyometrics and is ideal for team and partner exercise.
    • Octagon Half Box - A wall-located specialized strength station with the features users need for barbell squats, including plate storage facilities, plus pull-up bars and a beam for suspension trainers and resistance bands.
    • Octagon MONO - A compact, highly focused station dedicated to barbell squats, designed for installation on the open gym floor and with attachment points for Battle Ropes and a Torso Trainer.
    • Octagon T2 – The perfect compact blend of functional frame, attachments and equipment storage. Switch quickly between performing frame-based exercises and using the functional tools, which are neatly stored on the T2’s rack. Great for small group workouts.


    New app helps users master functional fitness training in-club and at-home

    Escape Fitness is launching its first Escape Your Limits App to motivate and help users more fully incorporate functional fitness training into their workout regimens anytime, anywhere.

    Available in March, as a free download on Apple IOS and Android, Escape designed the App to provide the gym goer, personal trainer, or at-home enthusiast access to key workouts and exercises to help them get the most out of their Escape Fitness equipment. The app demonstrates how to perform specific exercises plus provides workouts to achieve core improvement, strength, HIIT and weight loss goals.

    The Escape Your Limits App lets users choose individual exercises or entire workout regimens performed by Escape Fitness trainers that include Escape’s Corebag, Sandbag, Multi Grip Medball, Bulgarian Bag, CMT, GRIPR, Plyometric Boxes, Kettlebell, VERTBALL, Battle Rope, Bars and Plates, and TIYR. And, additional exercise options and workout routines beyond those offered for free can be purchased in-app.

    “Escape has always been about motivating the athlete within. Going beyond one’s perceived limits. And, that means really getting the most out of every workout and every piece of equipment. But, unlike traditional cardio and strength equipment, functional equipment really does require know-how to maximize effectiveness,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder, Escape Fitness. “The Escape Your Limits App provides engaging teaching tools to motivate users wherever they are in the world, so they can effectively perform their favorite workout routines with their favorite functional equipment without missing a beat.”

    To download the App:

    Apple IOS | https://appsto.re/gb/P-Sifb.i

    Android | https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fisikal.member.escape



    HIIT THE DECK, BATTLE FIT and MOVE IT provide personalized approach to functional training

    One of the most exciting developments Escape is bringing to 2017 is the launch of its new programming suite, which includes MOVE IT and BATTLE FIT launched in 2016 and, the newest for 2017, HIIT THE DECK. What sets this suite apart is its personalized approach to functional training to really bring a gym’s functional training equipment to life.


    Escape’s newest large and small group training program offers maximum flexibility

    HIIT THE DECK is a total group training program solution designed with maximum flexibility for large groups, small groups, PTs and even boutiques that—through ramping up or down—functions as fluently as an introduction to functional training as it does a highly demanding workout.

    Developed by Escape’s director of education Tommy Matthews to allow for ultimate flexibility in the way clubs get members moving, HIIT THE DECK includes various types of outcome-based training sessions that make the most of Escape Deck 2.0 and other carefully chosen functional training tools. As a complete solution—programming and instruction—it enables trainers to deliver high-level studio, boutique, HIIT or PT workouts. And, adaptable program design allows clubs to specify the quantity of equipment they need to fit their space, member preferences and abilities.

    The training package comes with comprehensive workout manuals plus online HD video exercise demonstrations for solid PT instruction on all aspects of the programming as well as the accompanying functional fitness equipment. This means clubs of any size can consistently run unique and successful functional group training programs, even when personnel changes.

    HIIT THE DECK’s programming varies based on group size and uses Escape’s DECK 2.0 in step, ramp and bench modes, plus integrates weight and resistance equipment, as well as other supporting functional fitness equipment for full body functional workouts.

    • For large group programming, there are six 45-minute workouts, all demonstrated in full-length videos with music ready for download and use in clubs.
    • For small group programming, there are ten 20-minute workouts--each one focused on different training styles and goals, from power and core to cardio and abs-- available as videos with accompanying coaching notes.
    • For personal training, there are six workouts ready for trainers to use with their clients, covering three levels of HIIT, athletic, plyometric and whole body training.
    • For boutique studios, there are specialized workouts that integrate the Deck 2.0 with cardio equipment or other functional tools for an exciting, high paced group training experience.
    • There’s even an exclusive Deck Time Trial fitness test to push members in a challenging testing environment.

    “If your members want to see and feel results fast given their time investment in your club, you’ll love HIIT THE DECK’s results-focused workouts,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder, Escape Fitness. “And, because excellent programming consistently delivered is one element of attracting and retaining members, this a terrific retention tool for clubs of any size.”

    HIIT The Deck


    New, elite military-based group training workout pushes users beyond perceived limits

    Battle Fit is an elite, military-based, functional fitness group training series that pushes users beyond perceived mental, physical and psychological limits to accelerate results.

    Designed by former British Army officers on the physical and psychological building blocks of military training British soldiers use to meet challenges head-on with an absolute commitment to victory, Battle Fit catapults functional training to a whole new level with its 16-week series of structured 35-minute workouts using specially designed, innovative training equipment.

    Through functional training Warm Ups, Battle Workouts and Operational Fitness Tests, participants perform everyday movements at high intensities inside traditional military fitness obstacle courses, battle preparation workouts and team drills. This gym-based group training delivers quantitative physical results while forging mental toughness, teamwork and physical discipline in a safe, controlled environment.

    The science behind Battle Fit is simple yet effective with injury-preventative exercises that are appropriately coached. In each session, trainers work through the Creatine Phosphate energy system and into lactic at every workstation--demanding 100% effort from each participant. Exercise increments—which happen in all three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, transverse)— are no shorter than 45 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds to mitigate of the effects of lactic acid build-up and maximize time spent in the zone for increased strength, fat loss and muscle hypertrophy.

    With participants working toward actual 100% capability, they increase athletic performance and enhance teamwork skills while becoming leaner, fitter, more flexible, mentally stronger and more confident.

    “Battle Fit is for those clubs looking to foster camaraderie and offer an elite workout that improves athletic ability for members who crave novelty and want more,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder, Escape Fitness. “And, unlike the intense military-style training popular today that sometimes can lead to injury, Battle Fit -- with its targeted motivation -- was designed for member safety while driving top-level athletic performance. This makes Battle Fit an excellent tool for member retention as well as trainer development and motivation.”

    Battle Fit


    Combines group, functional and HIIT training into one explosive calorie burning session

    Bringing functional training equipment to life in a dynamic calorie burning program, MOVE IT is a functional, high intensity interval training solution for groups, studios and fitness facilities. A complete fitness club/studio package, MOVE IT includes staff training, operations and marketing support alongside its fun, challenging, self-paced workout that delivers results and, ultimately, improves member retention.

    With MOVE IT, clients of all ability levels train together on a full range of functional equipment through a series of zone escalations, increasing intensity as they go. With Adjustment Hurdles, CMTs, GRIPRs, Ridge Rollers, Sandbags, Speed Ladders, Corebags, Bulgarian Bags, Multi Grip Med Balls, Rubber Kettlebells and Slamballs; the harder users train, the bigger the calorie burn. In fact, MOVE IT pushes clients to train at 80% of their maximum heart rate--entering into the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption phase--so they burn calories hard during and after their workout.

    Developed over a three-year period by Escape’s head of education and programming, Tommy Matthews, sessions are fast-paced, subtly competitive, varied and not easily imitated. This, coupled with the fact that it brings functional training equipment to life in a way no other program does, makes MOVE IT a tool fitness facilities can use to reach out to existing members plus attract new ones.

    MOVE IT also tackles three of the major practical challenges gyms face: space use, training, and staff retention.

    “Valuable gym floor space calls for multi-purpose functional training areas. MOVE IT creates a functional training area that easily becomes PT session ready,” said Tommy Matthews, head of education and programming, Escape Fitness. “And, MOVE IT, with its ready-to-run workouts, ensures the functional training itself is delivered consistently and successfully, regardless of who runs the session. Further, MOVE IT helps improve job satisfaction as PTs take on the role of training champion, with extra responsibility and the potential for extra income.”



    Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness has built a reputation for product innovation, quality and design while growing and competing through great partnerships in challenging markets worldwide. We have helped improve the bottom lines of over 1,000 fitness clubs and key distributors in 80 countries. Committed to functional training since our inception, we work with clubs that invest in functional training spaces that will deliver the best possible exercise experiences; and we encourage fitness professionals and their clients to ‘Escape Their Limits’. A mentality that is the foundation of our every offering. We are pleased to work with industry leading brands worldwide, including Equinox, Fitness First, Virgin Active, UFC Gyms, Crunch, Nuffield Health, David Lloyd, 1Rebel, 24 Hour Fitness, Marriott, Life Time Fitness, Jatomi and many more. For information: www.escapefitness.com/us


    Escape Fitness: +1-614-706-4462, marketing@EscapeFitness.com
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