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Dane Miklaus: No lazy days when you WORK – Episode #13 of the Escape Your Limits podcast - Blog.

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Dane Miklaus: No lazy days when you WORK – Episode #13 of the Escape Your Limits podcast

They only way you’ll be judged by the folks at WORK is if you don’t walk through the door. Dane Miklaus, WORK founder, is a hard worker, married to a hard worker, from a long line of hard workers, who created a boutique fitness studio to help people connect their effort with their outcome, and it’s working.

A California native, Dane received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science at Azusa Pacific University. Here, late in his college career he decided he wanted to be a trainer. He landed his real first job at Equinox, and it was there, in the trenches seven days a week, that he learned the professionalism he carries with him today. Dane has created a concept in WORK that members love.


Escape Your Limits podcast episode highlights

  • Treat everyone as if they are the most important person. It’s the right thing to do and it will help you build relationships you may one day need.
  • Starting a company? Anticipate that it will take longer to build out, be more expensive than you thought, and be slower to catch on with clients than you planned.
  • Even in the most challenging times, take the high road, if for no other reason than that you are a good person and that’s what being one dictates you do.
  • The meaning behind “Performance matters less in this place than effort.”
  • The best business motivation book list ever.