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Creating an effective outdoor gym workout space - Blog.

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Creating an effective outdoor gym workout space

Working out in the elements is always an exciting way to mix up your fitness routine. It's also effective in increasing safety and peace of mind with coronavirus concerns in the current climate. So how do you go about creating an effective outdoor gym workout space?

Even before the pandemic hit, Bluecoat Sport Health & Fitness Gym had invested in its member experience with this functional fitness set-up, designed in anthracite grey, traffic blue and jet black.

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What's different about outdoor fitness and workouts?

Whether you're a gym member or a trainer, there are certain things to think about when taking on exercise al fresco. Check out these tips to improve personal training outdoors. But when it comes to an permanent-fixture outdoor gym, everything has to be weatherproof and up to the task, long-term.

Even before the additional workout equipment, the Octagon HIT Hub frame at Bluecoats features more than enough accessories to challenge any level of fitness. Some of the features include:

  • Raised pull-up bars
  • Monkey bars
  • Boxing attachments
  • Leg target
  • Catch racks
  • Octagon pull up bar
  • TRX

What's special about this outdoor fitness frame design?

This Octagon fitness frame has been designed so that gym classes can take place in the same space, with MOVE IT programming running underneath the frame, incorporating its attachments as workout stations for participants.

“The Bluecoats team visited Escape HQ, had a training day and we talked a bit more,” explains Escape key accounts manager, Richard Burton. “They had a look at the detail within the MOVE IT package and it was a sensible choice for them. It's all there for them and there's going to be consistency along with the education as well.”

For more fitness news, products and interviews, check out the blog homepage. If you want to read more about the facility featured above, visit the Bluecoat Sports website.

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