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Condition the core in two simple movements - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Condition the core in two simple movements

This training session is an effective method of developing a powerful core. Having this ability to generate power and stability from our core is very important. All functional training methods utilise the trunk and core so these exercises will not only help you in your sports, but in your other training as well.

The aim of these movements is to produce maximal speed in the movement, thus developing explosive power. The transition between the eccentric and concentric phase needs to be done as quickly as possible.

How to do this?

Work with the sound of the CMT as feedback to let you know when you’ve reached that end range target, and then instantly return back to the starting position. Reset your position and posture so you’re ready to perform another explosive movement.

These exercises should be performed at maximal speed and therefore the force being placed on the body will be high. It is recommended that only clients with good strength, control and body awareness should try this training method. However, that doesn’t stop a client performing these exercises; just reduce the weight of the CMT and the speed of movement so they can maintain control.

Exercise 1.


  • Start off in a slight squat with the CMT just through the legs.
  • Drive the CMT upwards, accelerating through the body.
  • Send the CMT over the head and come to full extension in the ankle, knee and hip.
  • Be aware that this end position is very demanding and we should ensure good control first before building the speed.
  • Once end of range is reached, accelerate the CMT back to the start position.
  • Reset at this point if necessary or if competent, return to the overhead position straightaway creating another transition.

Exercise 2.


  • Start off in a slight squat with the CMT to the side of the hips.
  • Drive the CMT across the body and over the opposite shoulder

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