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Demand for energising and exciting group classes means big changes for many in the fitness industry. Court Jester Athletic Club in Johnson City, New York, embraced the trend and transformed their old racquetball courts into impressive functional fitness training rooms.

Advantage Fitness supplied Court Jester with the tools needed to deliver the best in functional fitness to their members, including Escape’s Corebags, Bulgarian bags, sandbags, medicine balls, slamballs, TIYRS, and much more.

Escape DECKs also give exercisers the ability to complete a variety of functional cardio and strength movements.

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weighted bags

Inspiring and motivating through fitness space design.

A perfect example of why you should color code your exercise equipment, the training tools are complemented by the excitement of the rooms themselves. Color-changing neon lights line the walls, which are wrapped with motivational graphics designed by Escape Fitness.

Phrases such as “One More Rep” and “There Is an Athlete in Everyone” push exercisers to reach beyond their goals. Advantage also provided a two-day training intensive for the club’s group exercise instructors.

Kim Hamilton, Advantage’s in-house Escape Fitness Master Trainer, led participants through two days of heart pounding and calorie burning sessions by. The group exercise instructors learned key movements with various functional tools, teaching points for different exercises, safety tips, and much more. They finished the weekend equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to bring this exciting format of training to their classes. 

one more rep

Group fitness is the key to improving experience.

Using Escape Fitness’ business in a box programming, Court Jester has all the tools needed to transform and meet industry trends, from the equipment and training to business plans that maximize ROI. Escape Fitness currently offers a menu of three group training packages: 

MOVE IT: A high-intensity functional training program for all levels, with intervals designed to develop total body strength and endurance. 

BATTLE FIT: A bootcamp-style program featuring extreme exercises developed by former British Army officers. 

HIIT THE DECK: A fantastic full-body workout program focusing on cardio, strength, and plyometrics using the Escape Deck 2.0. 

Court Jester was the first gym in the United States to offer HIIT THE DECK programming.


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