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Addison Ridge Outfits Clubhouse, Elevates Tenant Retention - Blog.

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Addison Ridge Outfits Clubhouse, Elevates Tenant Retention

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When it comes to multi-family living, residents are placing an increasing focus on lifestyle amenities.

Apartment communities offer a variety of amenities to remain competitive and appeal to residents, and the fitness center is no exception.

What was once considered an afterthough—a few treadmills and weights squeezed into a nondescript room—has become a key feature.

According to statistics from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), 83 percent of residents won’t rent an apartment without a fitness center, so multi-family communities have had to get savvier with their offerings. A lot of thinking has to go into developing a facility that pays off in resident satisfaction.

Fitness centers need to be appealing to tenant demographics and create a key sales tool for property managers. Each resident is unique, and you have to meet those diverse needs, while keeping your budget and space constraints in mind.

Addison Ridge, an apartment complex in Fayetteville, North Carolina, features an engaging functional clubhouse gym that resonates with the surrounding military demographic of Fort Bragg. There was a strong preference for functional fitness versus traditional training.

The facility opened in late 2020 and is outfitted with premium Escape Fitness equipment to suit a vast array of workout styles and offer something out-of-the-ordinary for its residents. This isn't your standard apartment gym. It’s on that has the ability to compete with big box clubs.

Escape partnered with Advantage Sport & Fitness to give residents a beautiful strength and functional-based fitness center that offers minimal cardio. Bold colors, Octagon training frames, weight racks with built-in storage, and additional functional training tools provide a unique mix of workout experiences.

The amenity services that truly differentiate one community from another usually tie back to investing in the resident. 

You have to sweat the details. The idea is to get residents thinking, ‘I’m living in a luxury community, why would I want to live anywhere else?

Are you ready to raise the bar in terms of providing experience that create community and foster wellness?

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