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6 move VECTOR resistance bands workout with Luke Baden - Blog.

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6 move VECTOR resistance bands workout with Luke Baden

Resistance bands offer some of the most versatile workouts that you can do either in the gym or on the move. Now imagine not needing a tangle of three or more different bands for different movements. That's just the beginning of what the VECTOR offers.

Take a look at this VECTOR resistance band workout, straight from a master trainer in London's luxury health clubs of Third Space.

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The VECTOR resistance bands workout.

This great VECTOR workout below shows the master trainer Luke Baden putting the next generation of resistance bands to the test.

The workout consists of six movements with 45 seconds on / 15 seconds rest. Take your gym on the move with you!

It's an 18-minute circuit, with the following moves:

  • Rotational chop left
  • Rotational chop right
  • Straight punch left
  • Straight punch right
  • Single arm power row left
  • Single arm power row right

Repeat this for three rounds, or progress it by doing more if you're up to the challenge.

What is the VECTOR?

For years resistance bands and tubes have played an essential role in rehabilitation and developing strength, stability, balance and range of motion, but they’re decades old in terms of development.

VECTOR has transformed the game, offering versatility that far surpasses anything else on the market. Its tubes are made from Kevlar (an incredibly strong material) that reduces the risk of snap-back and, with the simple turn of a dial, you can immediately change resistance levels to progress or change exercises.

Around the home or outside, VECTOR will keep your fitness progress on track.

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