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    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.


    Whether it’s an athletic trainer talking about a fitness plan or an entrepreneur explaining why their boutique offering brings the biggest benefits of exercise, IHRSA is always home to insight and understanding beyond compare.

    At IHRSA and many other industry trade shows we’ve met people in fitness from Asia, from central Europe, from the Middle East, from North America and beyond, and we asked them all a bunch of questions about what's going on in the industry.

    From their thoughts about what’s happening in their markets, we put together a special episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast.

    Below, you’ll find highlights from this unique opportunity to speak to so many people that don't normally come together in one place.


    Make kids’ activities about fitness.

    Derek Gallup“We've done a really great job of creating fitness that's around adults, which is fantastic, but what it doesn't do is reverse the global physical inactivity epidemic,” explains Derek Gallup, former IHRSA chairman and now ex-officio of the board of directors.

    “One of the biggest things that I think that I see out there is getting kids more active. Getting more activity for children. There are some clubs that are doing a really good job with that. I still think there's a bigger opportunity to really have kids start really enjoying the experience of being inside one of our health clubs.”


    Make the world a better place with movement.

    David Weck“I think the empty space that's going to be filled is a generational transformation where the kids are taught better fundamentals, so movement is not a chore and there's not this bifurcation of, ‘oh, I live my life and I exercise,’” says David Weck, inventor of the Bosu ball and founder of Weck Method.

    “I live my life and I exercise? No, it's going to be a more integrated approach to movement, health, wellness and just being a better human being; one capable of appreciating the success of another and forgiving the foibles of each other. Just making the world a better place.

    “You are where your body is. That's where you live. So you treat it better, you feel better, you act better. That's going to fill in a lot of empty space.”



    Make functional fitness inclusive

    Donovan Green“I'm beginning to see a lot more functional exercises, which makes sense because we're talking about 85% of the population who is not exercising,” says Donovan Green, personal trainer of Dr. Oz, author of No Excuses Fitness and the founder of mygreenliving.com.

    “They either have injuries, maybe they're obese, maybe they're beginners and they cannot do all the hard stuff.

    “Now we're beginning to see a lot more equipment that's designed, not only for top athletes, but also for people, the at home mom, the CEO, the traveling bus driver and they're learning a lot more about functional exercises, which is what I love to do.”


    Make your fitness offering varied

    Tamer El_Guindy“I think that emerging trends that everybody can notice is you have a lot more micro gyms inside of the big gyms. What do I mean by that? You can no longer survive with only traditional fitness.

    “You've got to have functional training, mixed martial arts. You've got to have a variety of different activities to keep your consumer activated,” explains Tamer El-Guindy, senior vice president of global franchising and head of UFC GYM University.


    Make sure your programming is strong

    Brad Houx“The future of our industry is all about programming. We are ultra-focused on programming. I think we are only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what's going to happen with group training and group exercise. I see so many terrific things happening on the programming end of our industry,” says Brad Houx, general manager at Midtown Athletic Clubs.


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