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How do you measure your goals to success and what motivates you in the interim between inspiration and accomplishment? Sometimes it’s easy to find the spark, but keeping that momentum moving can be the real challenge in business and fitness.

Here are four ways that will help you keep the momentum of motivation in any journey you’re on.

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staying focused


Document your progress.

This is a simple one that’s easy to forget. Regardless of if you’re looking to progress in personal fitness, business or anything else, take measurements, take pictures and take notice of any given detail at any time. Document this information over weeks, months, and years depending on your goals. If you make a habit of looking back over these records, you’ll be able to see exactly what direction you’re heading in at any given point.

Whether you’re gaining inches on your biceps, losing inches off your waistline, gaining market share, increasing member retention or making more money, if you document, you can project for a better viewpoint of things to come. With more information comes more insight and more accurate predictions based on experience.


Create a vision board.

Miguel Aguilar of Self Made Training found that his inspiration came from a visual perspective, through both reading and looking at his vision bulletin board every day.

Coming from a construction background after a hard upbringing, before taking to the fitness industry Miguel ventured into real estate. He remembers how he felt upon receiving his first commission payments from selling houses.

“They both closed within the same week. By the time they closed, my broker gave me my commission checks. I got those commission checks, I looked at them and I couldn't believe it. The commission checks were equivalent to one year's pay as a commercial plumber. In 30 to 45 days I made one year's income as a plumber. I was like putting two and two together, and at that time I was reading a book – the first book I've ever read since high school was Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

“You know. It gave me a whole different mindset. At that point I was like, all right, cool. I went to Wells Fargo, deposited my checks, and the teller tells me: "Hey, there's going to be a 10 day hold on each check." I was like: "No. That can't happen. What do you mean 10 days?" Well I've never had that much money in my account, so they've got to make sure they clear.

“Day 10, she printed out my receipts for my deposits, and on there it told me what the 10th day would be, when they would be clear. I put those on my bulletin board. I've always had a vision board, and I put that on my vision board.”


Challenge yourself.

james balfour 1rebelWhen things get easy or familiar, the drive to carry on at your full potential disappears because you’re better than that. James Balfour, co-founder of 1Rebel, takes this to a whole new level by completely getting out of his comfort zone.

“Well, adventure and expeditions, that is ultimately my passion,” explains James. “I love it. And I like going to places where maybe other people wouldn't necessarily. When I was 19, I think just six months after war began in Afghanistan, I became the first British tourist to get into the country and I spent a week in Kabul, which is nuts.

“I ran a marathon in North Korea, which was amazing. Mind boggling. I was in Iraq just as ISIS fell in Mosul. I like being there for world events. I like it when it's relevant.”


Find someone else to inspire you.

People that you look up to will always encourage you to do your best in every respect, whether they know about your goals or not. Read up on your heroes; find out what inspires them and learn from their mistakes. They don’t have to have interests and goals that are in-line with what you’re doing, as James of 1Rebel continues, but their approach is what’s key.

“Well, let's just assume I've said my dad for a second just in case he sees this,” explains James. “Let's assume that's done. I think the most inspiring person in the world right now is Elon Musk. What his vision and the things he wants to achieve will move the world further and quicker than most big governments have done in the last 20 years.

“So I think with his vision of reusable rockets, his lithium battery, factories, so that we can all be driving driverless and electric cars in the future, his hyperloop visions. I mean it just goes on an on. The guy's a genius and he's also got the most incredible work ethic. So he would be sort of my business idol at this stage.”


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