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3 of the best workout frames, fully-stocked with fitness equipment - Blog.

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3 of the best workout frames, fully-stocked with fitness equipment

Sometimes you don't know what you need from the best workout frames until you see them. Whether you need group training and classes for the ultimate fitness experience or just want somewhere to sweat on your own, rep after rep, the equipment needs to have you covered.

The gym design specialists at Escape Fitness have come up with this range of workout frames that offer everything and more in a variety of gym settings.

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Boxing, bodyweight or brute strength.

While there may not be a barbell included in this set up, strength gains can be found in anything from the Bulgarian bag to dip stations or kettlebell movements. Gone are the days of compound lifts being the only way to improve muscle, and instead, the functional tri-planar workouts through effective programming and education will offer more to your fitness level than you ever imagined.

This freestanding custom single-sided HIT HUB offers three bays of workouts to make any Instagram audience jealous of your gym.

Fitness equipment and workout instruction to match.

Another HIT HUB for hero workouts, the double-sided frame set-up here is stacked with equipment and adds flexibility into the mix courtesy of the attached gym ball racks. This freestanding frame is ideal for multifamily locations or unmanned gyms, as there's a digital training tool included in the middle of the design.

The MARS screen allows users to not only better understand the equipment they have in front of them, but also follow along with full workouts for a variety of muscle groups or goals.

Barbells to create a thing of fitness beauty.

A striking talking point wherever you'd find it, this jet black HIT HUB configuration gives as much as it can take in a gym environment.

Integrated storage ensures that there's a place for everything and everything has its place, while the number of workouts on offer are almost endless. Barbells in the catch racks provide lifting experiences to an Olympic standard, while those in the Torso Trainer enable users to push for PBs with a more functional fitness approach.

A bookend of battle ropes bring the cardio challenge and every training tool in the middle sections of the frame offer an ideal opportunity for class programming or individual workouts.

If the accessories weren't enough of a challenge, the fitness frame has been bolstered with a range of bodyweight additions such as Olympic WOD Rings, pull-up handles, a WOD Box Wing and anchor points for additional suspension trainers if needed.


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