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16 of the best home gym equipment essentials - Blog.

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16 of the best home gym equipment essentials

Gym equipment in any home gym is a thumbs up for longevity. However, if you can pick and choose or invest in your future wellbeing with these workout staple examples below, you'll get the best returns.

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Olympic rings.

A set of gymnastic or Olympic rings in a garage gym set-up may not be your first thought, but the variety of workouts available from them is second to none in a confined space.

It's more than just an upper body workout, too. Of course you can do pull-ups and static holds, but you can also use fitness equipment such as the WOD Rings to regress and train tough lower body moves such as the pistol squat.

VECTOR resistance band.

More than just your standard resistance band, the VECTOR offers so many levels of progression for an endless physical challenge. Hook it up to an anchor point, a doorframe or even a sturdy post and you've got as many push and pull exercises as you can think of for your whole body.

Check out this resistance bands workout to see the VECTOR in action.

DECK or workout bench.

You'll need something to sit on, lay on, jump on and over during your workouts. Compared to a standard workout bench, the Escape DECK folds up to two levels as an aerobic step platform, but also has a backrest that raises as an incline bench. When you're done, it'll pack away neatly in the smallest of spaces. Perfect for any garage gym space or your living room.

Download the Escape Fitness app for a collection of free workouts with the DECK and other fitness equipment.

Incline bench with gym equipment.

If you're looking to invest in your home fitness space with an incline bench, strength training gym equipment and a place to keep it all safely, the STRONGBOX provides it all.

Six degrees of incline mean that the only thing you need to think about during a dumbbell press incline workout is the weight. Storage for six pairs of dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls and personal items is all integrated, and it's even got attachments suitable for resistance band workouts or the VECTOR.

Barbell and weight plates.

Anyone serious about building muscle and athletic performance knows how important a barbell is in a gym. Nothing is more satisfying than a full workout of exercises including deadlifts, bench press, rows, squats and other exercises, progressing through the weight plates as you get stronger.

The freestanding Octagon Mono athletic training frame not only gives your home gym safe barbell training options, but it also features a pull-up bar for upper body workouts.

To avoid damaging your floor or your weight plates, the Lift Zone heavy-duty and flexible lifting platform offers superb shock absorption, ensuring your flooring is protected when using the barbell.

TIYR Sport fitness.

If it's a garage gym, it makes sense to keep a spare tyre in there, right? The TIYR Sport is a great addition to any home gym as it offers a new way of working out based on a tried and tested fitness staple.

Flip it or swing it, the TIYR Sport will also help you with core stability and cardio workouts, especially if you've got some outdoor space to roll it and jump over. It weighs 10kg / 22lbs, so it's manageable for most but more than enough of a challenge when you're shifting momentum or using it for reps.

Dumbbells and kettlebells.

Free weights such as a dumbbell or a kettlebell are home gym staples, with endless workouts to be found and created. However, Escape has gone one step further offering another level of workout variety with its Nucleus free weight range.

The new Nucleus dumbbells feature textured surfaces and additional grips so they can be used for swing and pinch training in additional to traditional dumbbell workouts.

Kettlebells in the Nucleus range have been designed with textures and grooves across the free weight for more dynamic grip options that offer greater feedback when shifting weight.

The Nucleus range also includes innovative barbells and weight plates.

Medicine balls and slam balls.

Whether it's for core and ab workouts, stability, or strength and conditioning, medicine balls and slam balls offer some of the best movements for any level of fitness. Functional training in any home gym wouldn't be the same without them. 

Bulgarian bags.

Not as well known outside of MMA and wrestling circles, the Bulgarian bag is time-honoured innovation that gets you moving in every direction possible. Your body must work in harmony with itself to get this right, shifting weight and momentum to counteract the weight of the bag.

Make sure you've got the headroom if you're training in a home gym, or step outside and get swinging.

Corebags and Sandbags.

Safer for the floor and less intimidating for newbies to weight lifting weights, the Corebag and Sandbag are great alternatives for an introduction to barbell workouts.

Whether you want to train specific Olympic lifts such as the clean and press, or you just want to load up the weight for plyometric moves a Corebag (stable load) and Sandbag (unstable load) will provide enough of a physical challenge in safety.

Ab workouts and core exercises.

The CMT (Core Momentum Trainer) is one of the best kept secrets for ab workouts and core exercises. What's better is that it's perfectly compact and portable for a home gym or outdoor workout.

Holding the handles, the idea is to twist, lean, swing of jump with enough momentum to shift the lubricated Power Shot inside the centre of the training tool. When you're doing it right, you get both an audible “tshh” sound from the CMT, and you'll feel the workout deep in your core muscles.

Plyometric performance with a plyo box.

From strength gains to flexibility or cardio improvements, there's little that plyometric exercise doesn't help. Mix up heavy strength training from barbell squat workouts with some plyometric jumps throughout the week and you'll keep your body guessing and growing.

A plyo box set or the Escape Multiplyo can be adapted to meet any fitness need, whether you're looking to go for the big jumps or stay low and rehab an injury.

Home gym storage.

It's often overlooked, with gym equipment being used to hang up clothing and free weights stashed in every corner. However, investing in the right home gym storage will not only keep you and your fitness equipment safe, but it'll also keep you accountable. When you look after your gym equipment, it's much easier for you to look after yourself by using it.

Whether you're making the most of your dead space at home with using corner storage effectively, or you want versatile shelving with Octagon storage, keep your home gym equipment safe so it's ready when you need it most.


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