Nucleus SBX Kettlebells.

An innovative example of strategy for strength, the new kettlebell range offers another level of practicality that lasts. Textures and grooves across the kettlebell allow for more dynamic grip options with dynamic feedback when shifting weight, while the hard satin chromed and salt tested handles ensure longevity.

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4kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB04
£61.37 £51.14
8kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB08
£72.26 £60.22
12kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB12
£94.08 £78.40
16kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB16
£115.90 £96.58
20kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB20
£137.71 £114.76
24kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB24
£159.53 £132.94
28kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB28
£181.34 £151.12
32kg SBX Kettlebell. RBKB32
£203.16 £169.30
4-24kg SBX Kettlebell Set. RBKB424
£640.20 £533.50
Out of stock
Expected 10.06.22
SBX Kettlebell Set with Rigid Rack. RBKB4322R
£2,667.60 £2,223.00
Out of stock
Expected 08.06.22
SBX Kettlebell Set with Octagon Rack. RBKB4322L
£2,701.20 £2,251.00
Out of stock
Expected 10.06.22
£0.00 £0.00

As one of the first manufacturers to launch a rubber kettlebell, our years of experience and testing have led to develop the Nucleus kettlebell, with an enhanced design and ergonomic improvements. Using an efficient manufacturing process, we're able to lower the price point while still increasing functionality and giving the option for them to be custom branded. A contoured body and more tactile experience makes for increased versatility, more movement options and better workouts from an already incredibly adaptable training tool.

AVAILABLE WEIGHTS: 4-32kg (Individual).

The patented handle design is not only welded into each cast iron core bell, but has been batch sampled throughout manufacture and salt spray tested to ensure that no rusting will attack the finish over their lifetime.

Salt Tested - Hard satin chromed handles have been salt tested to last.
Logo - Client branding available.
Badge - 3D embossed micro-injection badge.
Grip - 360-degree grip and dynamic feedback.
Handle - Patented 'fish tail' welded into cast iron core bell.
Longevity - A flat-moulded base reduces damage to racks when stored.

Escape also offers plenty of storage options for the Nucleus range, and each kettlebell features a flat-moulded base to ensure that both equipment and shelving remain in the best condition for longer.