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    First of all, there are heavy Bulgarian bags. You wouldn’t take the prospect of swinging 30kg around your head lightly. However, in the worlds of Olympic lifts, bodybuilding and hardcore gym workouts, some fitness addicts scoff at the weight range on offer with the functional fitness staple.

    bulgarian bag best kept secret

    There’s more to these training tools than just being able to pick them up. Have you ever asked yourself: why are Bulgarian bags so light? Escape speaks to former Olympic weightlifter, Ivan Ivanov, to find out about the best-kept secret in functional fitness and reap these benefits of exercise.

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    ivan ivanof

    From the expert: Why are Bulgarian bags so light?

    “If people are using the Bulgarian Bag for doing squats or shoulder presses or curls, there’s nothing wrong with that but this is not the signature style of training with them,” explains Bulgarian bag inventor, Ivan Ivanov.

    “That’s where they’re most likely getting bored, or they say: ‘This is too light and it doesn’t do nothing to me.’ They want big muscles right away.

    “This is, I think, the wrong understanding about how these bags are designed to be used. This is the most common mistake people make.”

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    If we look at the structure of the core exercises, there’s a lot of mistakes made when fitness enthusiasts haven’t been properly educated on the Bulgarian bag. First, the spin. If they haven’t been through the education process they cannot perform the spin properly.

    The importance of education in fitness.

    That’s just scratching the surface of why education is so important in fitness. Number one is for safety, and secondly, to have a better understanding how these exercises are working and how trainers can get the most out of the Bulgarian bag, for example, the effect of the acceleration.

    “These exercises are so cool and so effective but you have to understand that you have to accelerate; you have to have a speed in this,” Ivan continues. “That’s why the bag doesn’t have to be very heavy – I’m looking at the time.

    “How fast can you perform these reps? I can go on and on with everything but I’ll leave this for the course. And the other thing I should say, those people who are looking to get lessons, for someone to teach them how to use the Bulgarian bag, make sure your personal trainers are Suples certified. Not just for man who says: ‘Oh, I understand it,’ there’s no chance!”

    bulgarian bags are for any fitness level and any sport

    Improving performance in any sport.

    Ivan goes on to describe just how versatile Bulgarian bags are for any fitness level and any sport… “Those cool exercises are so effective for improving your overall performance either in a fitness level or on a professional level. That’s what I like about our training equipment like the Bulgarian bag – you can change from kids fitness to professional in almost any sport that requires rotational movements, or grip training, cardio vascular training, coordination, speed, power, all of these areas.

    “That’s why I want to encourage everyone who is interested and finds this interesting to understand a little bit what I am talking about to join us and attend our educational courses. That’s the only way that you can fully understand these training tools.

    “I’m very proud to work with Escape Fitness. Escape your Limits with the Bulgarian bag.”


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