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    What’s needed to keep the boutique booming? - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    What’s needed to keep the boutique booming?

    As mentioned before one of the most crucial parts of a successful boutique fitness club is all about authenticity. For members to feel a sense of loyalty toward a brand they must have trust.

    In this article we take you through four key ingredients to building trust and loyalty within your club, that will keep members coming back for more.


    Research has recently found that consumers are more willing to spend their hard-earned cash on experiences over tangible possessions. Provided members feel they’ve been treated right, they can also be exceptionally loyal customers.

    One gym goer commented: “It’s about the product and its cost, but there’s also a big part about being treated like a valued customer.”

    Some boutiques have managed to keep costs low, while not sacrificing their members’ experience. California bred Chuze Fitness, for example, take a high volume, low cost model while offering extra comforts such as water massage beds, cardio cinemas, and infrared saunas – all with an exceptional stance of customer service. Subscribe to the Escape Your Limits podcast to listen to an exclusive interview with Chuze’s CEO Cory Brightwell.


    If working within the industry for the past two decades has taught us anything, it’s that members are hungry for tough workouts. Gymbox jumped on this last year when they launched the ‘most dangerous fitness class ever created’.

    As scary as that sounds, it has caught the attention of tonnes of fitness fanatics and is now one of their most popular classes. Flatline is 45 minutes of intensely demanding tasks sent to test all elements of strength and stamina to the max. So much in fact that paramedics are standing by with oxygen masks at the ready. Is this kind of extreme fitness what members now want?

    Listen to Gymbox co-founder David Cooper’s secrets to success in the Escape Your Limits podcast.


    Everyone recognises the power of the PT. Clubs typically look for four personality traits when hiring their trainers: professionalism, inspirational, motivational and passion. As simple as that sounds, it’s surprising how many members are dissatisfied with the trainers who work at their gym.

    If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you will have heard of New York based SoulCycle. We love their studios. The classes are as hardcore as it gets and the instructors have buckets of personality.


    Boutiques are great at focusing on one or two things extremely well but every few months it’s extremely important to introduce new and exciting elements to the brand. Anything new will keep the momentum of the club going and members on their toes.

    Hire someone creative to keep the wheel turning on innovation and keep your boutique moving forward.


    The boutique trend has been around for some time now and like many trends, the excitement surrounding it may fade. However, the key factors that draw in members of all ages will remain. 

    Keeping up with an ever changing and highly competitive industry needn’t be a challenge. Focus on these four key ingredients to stay on top of your game and remember to subscribe to our Escape Your Limits podcast for weekly interviews with industry influencers and entrepreneurs, who provide insights into what it takes to achieve success.


    Escape is fully committed to supporting clubs and boutiques on their journey to dominate the fitness scene. We have the training tools, trainer education programmes, group training programming and facility design expertise to help you create and implement fantastic new experiences for members.

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