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    “You’ve heard about the internet of things? We have the internet of fitness,” explains Jason Worthy, president of Life Fitness.

    Talking to Matthew Januszek as part of the Escape Your Limits podcast, Jason is about to reveal what could be a huge step for the fitness industry, but integration and working together is the lynchpin for its success.

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    “The internet of fitness is our belief that the products we make should be intelligent, ultimately,” begins Jason. “They should help operators make smarter business decisions and be able to use data to drive their business – that’s their data, not our data – to understand ‘how is this asset helping me to run my business and drive my model forward?’

    “For the exerciser it’s about getting the best possible experience they can have and having the exercise experience that they want; getting the outcomes that they want.”

    The internet of things, for fitness…

    Communication and community is key for us to all really start benefitting from this tech implementation. Removing the traditional sense of competition is the only way that we can overcome challenges of different people preferring different devices.

    With the battles that have been seen between any combination of Apple, Android, iPhone, Samsung, Google, and all of the apps in the world, Jason Worthy makes the point that we’ve all got to get on in the digital world.

    “I think that part of winning in this space is making sure that our customers can partner with whoever they need to,” continues Jason. “I think that’s a really important notion that I think will become even more important in this industry going forward.

    “Particularly in digital, it’s that ability for us to partner with multiple technology companies to give the best possible experience.

    “Your friends, family, people you work with… Some have Fitbit, some have Apple watches, some have a Gear watch, some don’t like using technology at all. You know? Some use their phone, and everything in between. Myzone’s another great example of a wonderful brand in our industry doing a wonderful job. How do you pick the winning horse in those races?

    “We have to think of this open philosophy of creating an ecosystem of integrations that gives consumers the best possible experience that they can have.”

    Watch Jason Worthy of Life Fitness on the Escape Your Limits podcast.


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