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    Training places pioneers a new type of fitness break in Ibiza - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Training places pioneers a new type of fitness break in Ibiza

    Wellness tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors of the travel market, estimated to be worth over £500 billion annually. Now one of the latest destinations to enter the market is the stunning Training Places Villa on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off Spain’s east coast.

    But Training Places isn’t just following a trend: it’s providing fitness breaks of the highest standard in luxurious surroundings. The business offers bespoke fitness travel packages, with every detail customised to the guests’ requirements and fitness preferences.

    training places

    The ultimate in fitness travel

    Training Places offers something way beyond what’s previously been available in this market. Set on the hills of s’Estanyol near Talamanca, it’s a luxury five-bedroom villa with pool and rooftop training space. Matching the great environment is professional experience management with a speciality in fitness, guaranteeing fitness travel of the highest quality.

    Training Places

    Will Priestley is founder of Training Places. He says: “We mostly work with clubs, PTs and sport coaches who bring groups of their clients over for a break. Individuals, couples and small groups of friends can also book and we put breaks together that create fantastic communities. Either way, everyone lives and works out together in a superb environment.

    “Although we have templates of various break options, these are just the starting point. Everything is shaped to suit the guests, from our chef’s nutritious menus to the training programmes. We take away the hassle for people: they get a package that includes a superb villa with an amazing rooftop gym, organised fitness activities with local providers and excellent food throughout.”

    Training Places partners with trusted specialists in cycling, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, surf simulators and more. Add in the rooftop fitness space and beach workouts to the mix, and truly bespoke fitness schedules can be created to cater for every type of group.

    Fitness tracking is also a feature of every Training Places break. On every workout, guests wear a MYZONE fitness tracker and their efforts are recorded. Guests and their trainers can monitor performance through the Training Places MYZONE account and app. Group challenges can also be set up, adding even more fun and motivation.

    It’s a very flexible concept. Some breaks are created for relative beginners, some for people wanting to focus on detox and weight loss, and others who are into hardcore high intensity training. Each break is bespoke: everything can be shaped to suit the needs of the guests.

    Will sees five nights as the ideal duration for this kind of break: “We’re not trying to replace someone’s main annual holiday, but we offer something that is a great break in addition to that. Even so, I know that some people will find the experience ideal for a longer holiday.”

    The rooftop training space

    The Training Places Villa features a rooftop fitness space of 150 square metres (1,600 square feet) arranged in a number of performance zones: functional, Olympic lifting, strength and freeweights, stretch and core, combat and cardiovascular. A great view over Ibiza Town is complemented by stylish products from Escape Fitness, including a TIYR, Quad Sled, Corebags, Kettlebells, Medballs, GRIPRs, Bulgarian Bags, Jump Ropes, and Olympic Bars and Plates.

    An Octagon QUAD functional training frame was another must-have for Will: “It’s the real showpiece of the rooftop gym. It looks great and as soon as it was installed I couldn’t wait to share a picture of it on social media.” With Monkey Bars, Dip Station and Pull-up Bars, the QUAD delivers for bodyweight exercises. It also has facilities for Olympic lifting, and anchor points for a Torso Trainer and Battle Ropes.

    The space is a stunning place to work out and people love it. Guests have been motivated to really push hard and achieve superb results. They also love taking pictures and sharing them on social media, strengthening the feeling of community. And when the training is over, the space can double up as an outdoor cinema where guests unwind with a movie under the stars.

    Guests are excited about functional training

    Launched in June 2016 and already having created a variety of unique experiences, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One thing that Will has noticed is how readily guests have embraced functional training: “I’m a huge fan of functional workouts and it’s clear that people everywhere are embracing it. Most of the people who come here are familiar with it and so they love the fact we have a comprehensive set of training tools.”

    Escape’s commitment to functional training is one of the reasons that Will chose to partner with the company: “If anyone’s going to bring out cool, innovative new products it’ll be Escape and I want to be a part of it. I also know that Escape has great customer service. They will be there if I need support to maintain my rooftop space as a quality destination.”

    training places

    Setting the pace for fitness breaks

    Just six months or so into its history, Training Places is trailblazing a new era of wellness travel. It’s certainly living up to the vision that Will had when he developed the concept: ““I felt there would be a demand for this type of break. Yes, there are holidays that offer a retreat experience, with yoga and holistic elements. There are also bootcamp and weight loss holidays, as well as those based around specific activities such as skiing and hiking. But I couldn’t see many opportunities for people wanting to blend an overall fitness programme with a luxury holiday or destination experience.

    “Health and fitness is not a trend: it’s permanently embedded into many people’s way of life and it’s going to keep growing. Lots of people don’t want to stop training when they go on holiday, and spending time in a tiny hotel gym is not enough. I knew Ibiza well and felt it would a great place to open up a destination for fitness breaks, and that’s definitely proven to be the case.”

    You can find Training Places on Twitter , Instagram and YouTube.

    Time to train is Spain?

    Are you looking for a great destination for a fitness break? Training Places are taking bookings now for 2017. Visit them at trainingplaces.fitness to find out more and make a booking.

    And if you are exploring the possibilities of creating your own high-spec fitness space, anywhere in the world, Escape can help. As well as providing a huge range of training equipment, we also have a gym design team who can turn your dreams into reality.


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