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    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping

    We recently introduced you to the exciting new Escape STEP and RISER; a two-product platform system that is set to revolutionise the way clubs and instructors deliver step-based workouts.

    The RISER is a great training tool in its own right, working as a superb standalone platform AND as a component of the overall platform system. So let’s get into detail about the amazing potential of this light and portable platform.

    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping

    Step around it, over it, on it,…any way you want to

    The beauty of the RISER lies in its shape and size. Its octagonal shape means that it can be approached from every direction, so you can do great 360 degree workouts. Step onto it and back down from the rear, the front, the sides or diagonally.

    Its size also means that moves using both feet or just one foot can be incorporated into a workout. With a 33cm (13 inch) stepping surface there’s enough room for both feet, but it’s small enough so that you can move over and across it with just one foot coming into contact. The width is also small enough so that it can be straddled for ‘jumping jacks’ style moves.

    Almost unlimited opportunities are opened up by this shape and size. We are already seeing trainers come up with new moves and new step patterns with the RISER and hundreds more will follow. You really are spoilt for choice and only your imagination would hold you back.

    There’s another feature that adds yet another dimension to your workouts. As with the STEP, the RISER has resistance tube channels built into the base. Users can therefore switch quickly between step-style exercises for a cardio workout and resistance moves for muscle toning.

    So using one RISER per-person in a group session is a fantastic way to run workouts, classes or even whole programmes. It opens up possibilities for doing moves that might be difficult on a large step, and it’s ideal for fast-paced choreographed group workouts.

    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping

    Why stop at one RISER?

    So far we’ve been looking at the versatility you get from using just one RISER. But things get even more impressive when you use more than one RISER in a workout.

    Place two RISERs a couple of metres apart and travel between them to add extra movement and excitement to the workout. In workouts to music, you can increase the distance between the two RISERs but move between them on the same beat, so users need to pick up the intensity.

    You can spread even more RISERs - how about three in a triangle, or four in a square? The possibilities are almost endless.

    For yet more variety – and a great way to add progression to workouts – you can stack RISERs to take the height and the challenge up a few notches.

    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping

    RISER + STEP = yet more variety

    If the RISER was available as Escape’s only step product that would be great – but of course it doubles up as part of a total platform solution that also includes the Escape STEP. When you bring the two products together even more possibilities are unlocked.

    As well as its standalone usage, the RISER can also be used to raise the STEP – and to quickly put it into an incline configuration. The truly great thing about this combination is the way that the STEP and RISER lock together in a secure and stable way.

    Another feature that gyms will love is the way that in the incline mode, the RISER is contained within the footprint of the STEP – not sticking out as with some alternative designs. This looks more elegant and minimises the floor space required during workouts.

    The RISER – a new revolution for stepping

    Watch this video to see the RISER in action



    Do you want to go 360 degrees?

    Whether you’re a club owner appealing to a range of different demographics, or a PT running a boutique studio, the RISER is a great addition to your training tool kit.

    Want to know more? Get in touch with the Escape team on +44 (0) 1733 313535 or email [email protected].