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    Move over boutiques and other growth sectors within fitness. There’s one area of health and wellbeing that’s standing out about all others to lead the next generation of fitness trends.

    Many gyms are split into their individual interest tribes. Lifting, CrossFit, Cycle, HIIT, Boxing… However, there’s one thing that unites us all aside from the need to get fit, and that’s recovery.

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    Full body recovery in minutes.

    Founder of massage tool Theragun, Jason Wersland explained all about recovery and the next generation of fitness in his episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast. Following a motorcycle accident, he developed the therapy tool that’s helped everyone from stroke patients to CrossFit icon and fittest man in the world Mat Fraser benefit from an improved quality of life and better performance.

    “Your ability to thrive in life is your ability to continually get better. If we're breaking our bodies down over and over again, yes, it is built to recover and it is built to rebuild… That is nature doing its thing, but it's simple math. If you're breaking it down more than you're actually building it up, you're going to eventually break it down to where you're injured you can't move.

    “You might have tendonitis, you have a sore back… There are so many things that are generated from that overwork and not taking the right amount of time to recover. [With the Theragun] you get literally a full body's recovery session in six to eight minutes and it feels good. That's a pretty easy pitch.”

    Fitness is more than just about the traditional gym.

    Adding a functional training area within any business can bring a multitude of benefits that boost productivity, mental wellbeing and complement anything you do – especially in the wellness space.

    “When we started bringing in fitness, it’s helped everybody and really shaped them,” explains Eric Swartz, founder of Back To Total Health Wellness Center. “It’s taken away a lot of people’s chronic pain as well.

    “It’s been that finishing piece for what we do on the chiropractic and acupuncture side. There’s a bit of magic to this location. Once they’re here and they see it, they love it.

    “When Escape approached me with this idea, I thought it was the perfect fit of everything I’ve been doing for my whole life,” Eric continues.

    “I’d always wanted to have an integrated practice – a wellness practice that incorporated chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, Pilates, exercise, and functional training. I think it’s just in my own nature to keep trying to push and push for things in that direction.”

    foam rollers

    Recovery studios are already here…

    “We started looking into what other means of recovery people need that goes beyond physical and starts addressing cognitive recovery, stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation – things like that,” explains Rick Richey, founder of ReCOVER, the world’s first recovery studio, based in Manhattan.

    “Sometimes an athlete will be on the physical recovery track, but they’ll want to reboot their mind because they travel, they play late at night or early in the morning in different time zones and their circadian rhythm is just kind of messed up.

    “Then we started thinking: if all we're doing is catering towards athletic populations, we're missing out on a lot of people who are just stressed out. Now about 50% of our business comes from people who are not regular exercisers that still come in for stress management.”

    Whether it’s performance-enhancing, rehab, yoga and flexibility or stress management, the next generation of fitness trends for recovery are set to rise alongside the success of industry growth like the boutique movement.

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