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    Sport specific training using the Core Momentum Trainer - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Sport specific training using the Core Momentum Trainer

    In the first two parts of our in-depth look at the Core Momentum Trainer (CMT), its inventor, Dr. Derek Steveson, took us through some of the ways we can use the Core Momentum Trainer for the spine and the hips; specifically, how it can help to increase functional capacity and remedy lower back pain.

    But the CMT is also an excellent tool for enhancing sports performance. And we know this because we’ve spoken to international sportsmen who have used the CMT to enhance their performance on the field. In this article, we explain how CMT-based workouts have helped improve performance in cricket and golf.

    Treadmill workout

    Improving bowling action with the CMT

    Any professional bowler puts their body through a lot. Whether they play at county or international level, the bowler spends long days in the field, ponding in to the crease, pushing, straining and working their body incredibly hard.

    It’s mentally and physically tough. The repeated strain on the same muscles leaves bowlers feeling incredibly fatigued. And all the while they have to worry about their technique; about making sure they bowl the right lines and lengths to keep the pressure on the batsman.

    Boyd Rankin has played for both England and Ireland at international level, and, at the time of writing, plies his trade for Warwickshire in the County Championship. Life as a professional cricketer comes with lots of ups and downs. Indeed, Boyd has had to endure a fair few injuries. So keeping fit, staying flexible and being able to play month after month is a pre-requisite for any cricketer who wants to carve out a long career.

    Treadmill workout

    Boyd’s bowling coach had used and recommended the CMT to Boyd, suggesting that it would help him to maintain supple movement and guard against injuries throughout the season. So Boyd incorporated the CMT into his regular training regime, particularly at the end of a four-day county match when his muscles would be at their stiffest.

    By the end of an hour-long session incorporating the CMT, Boyd said that he felt “loose and great”. Using the CMT helped him to prevent his muscles getting tight after hard matches or training sessions: “It also helped me to keep my muscles warm for another day’s bowling the following day during competitive matches.” Technically too, Boyd saw the benefits of using the CMT to improve his mobility and his range of motion.

    Boyd feels that there is plenty of potential for cricketers to use as part of their training routines as an aid to mobility and strength He says: “It’s been great in strengthening and conditioning my core; it’s important for fast bowlers to have a core that can support their dynamic movements during long days in the field. The CMT helped me do just that and helped keep my mobility at a peak, which reduced the risk of injury during the season.”


    The golfer’s best friend

    We also know that there are some specific ways that golfers can use the CMT to perfect their swing and their overall golfing prowess.  No clubs, practice ranges or golf balls required, just the CMT.

    So we asked the CMT’s inventor, Derek Steveson, to explain his perspective on using the CMT to perfect technique and reveals his three essential CMT techniques for golfers. Here's what he told us...

    Of all the golfers I’ve been treating for the past 20 years, ALL of them want to be able to hit the ball further! If you analyse the golf swing of the world’s best golfers, it’s easy to see that they all take a huge swing.

    Maintaining spine, hip, and scapula mobility is paramount, but it’s also important to be strong and stable throughout the full swing range of motion in order to consistently replicate optimal ball striking. So it makes sense to challenge and train the muscles and joints with weights in a similar and upright position in which golf is played.

    It doesn’t make sense to me to train the abdominals by lying on your back and consciously moving your chest and upper body off the floor to work your abs (i.e. crunch or sit up). Why try and wire your brain to reinforce such a nonfunctional use pattern for those muscles?

    Treadmill workout


    So the CMT will challenge the muscles of the core through the full range of motion of the golf swing. The abdominals act as a loading and exploding conduit between the thorax/upper body and the pelvis/lower body. They load in all three planes of motion with the initial driver of motion being the club during a backswing, followed by unloading through ball contact, and finishing with loading in the opposite direction during the follow through phase of the swing.

    I have never met a successful golfer who consciously engages their transverse abdominis (abdominal muscle) during any phase of the golf swing. The following exercises are designed to functionally challenge the core muscles to enhance strength and mobility of the golf swing.

    End range backswing for a right-handed golfer:

    End range back swing

    Midrange during ball contact phase:

    Treadmill workout

    Backswing loading and unloading for balance on right leg only:

    Find out more

    If you would like to know more about sport specific training for golf, cricket or other sports using the CMT, let us know. You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call:

    UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535

    USA: +1 (614)-706-4462

    Germany: +49 (0)2921 590 10 70

    For even more ideas for new ways to use your CMT, check out these CMT workouts: Killer Cardio, Performance Improver and Core Training with the Experts.


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