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    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential

    Functional frames transform boring workout spaces into inspirational areas. They can help trainers organise structured, challenging workouts. Plus, members get the opportunity to experience training sessions that challenge them, keeping them engaged and motivated. We’re rejecting on/off buttons and monotonous cardio and offering up functional training frames that push users to ‘Escape Their Limits’ and embrace multi-planar cross training.

    In this article we’re looking at:

    • The background and growth of the Octagon range.

    • Why the Octagon T1 is an ideal solution for many clubs looking to install a training frame.

    • Small group training possibilities.

    • Key features of the T1.

    Functional training frames provide fitness facilities and health clubs with the opportunity to break free from standard sessions and offer members something that really helps them to stand out.

    Escape Fitness has been growing its range of functional training frames for several years, adapting and progressing frames in order to provide solutions for clubs with a variety of different needs.

    Within the last year, the Octagon range has grown even more to offer clubs further opportunities to be able to get exactly what they need from a functional frame.

    One thing the team heard from many club owners and managers that we spoke to was their reluctance to invest a lot of money into training frames that might not be used to their full potential, or that they didn’t have the space to dedicate to a functional training frame. The Escape product team have used this feedback, and key pieces from the current Octagon range, to develop a training frame that could address these concerns and encourage clubs to invest in training frames.

    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential


    Enter the Octagon T1

    The Octagon T1 is the latest addition to the Octagon range. It’s sleek and stylish, with a minimal footprint designed to fit perfectly into any club looking for maximum training potential but minimum floor space. It offers a cross training experience combining bodyweight, strength and cardio exercises to whip members into their very best shape.

    The T1 is a single Octagon leg, with a variety of attachments that allow instructors to train their clients effectively for an all-over body workout. It provides users with a range of training modalities including bodyweight, strength, cardio and suspension training.

    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential


    Small group training possibilities

    The T1 can be used as a central point to offer a variety of exciting and effective workouts to members and can train up to 8 people.

    Introduce cross training sessions and challenge members to AMRAP (as many reps as possible) or timed workouts to push them to challenge their own personal bests. Alternatively hold HIIT sessions to really max out heart rates and propel members into fat burning mode. By splitting these sessions into beginner, intermediate and advance levels, you’re already giving your trainers and instructors the chance to maximise the frame, and providing them with a ‘ready-made’ class schedule to appeal to a range of members.

    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential


    Key features of the T1.

    Space-efficient – the T1 has a small footprint, making it an ideal frame for small PT studios, or clubs where floor space is limited.

    Group classes – train up to 8 people around the T1 using clever programming and offer them the chance to engage in new styles of training to get the very best results.

    Cost-effective – ideal for club owners or managers who want to try out a training frame or those operating on a budget but still want maximum style, performance and functionality.

    Non-intrusive – minimalistic design maintains the sense and feeling of more space in a small area.

    T1 training points and attachments

    The T1 features:

    • Landmine/Torso Trainer
    • Boxing Station
    • Dip station
    • Pull-up Station
    • Rope Pull
    • TRX Anchor Point
    • Battle Rope Anchor
    • Plate Storage
    • Bar Holder

    Octagon T1: The small frame with big potential


    The Octagon T1 features in our Cross Training category of functional training frames, which also features the QUAD, ISO and the original OCTAGON. These frames combine a variety of training modalities like cardio, strength and bodyweight in order to provide an all-round workout and give users the chance to improve their stamina, strength, speed and lifting.

    For more information about the T1 and how it could help you maximise the space you have available in your club, check out the Octagon T1 experience page where you can see a video of the T1 in action, or get in touch with the team. You can reach them on +44(0)1733 313535 or via [email protected].