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    Make your gym as safe as it can be for members - Blog.

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    Make your gym as safe as it can be for members

    Fitness fights COVID-19. Now you can create workout bays that help further mitigate the risk of the coronavirus for your members.

    Protective screens have been recommended in government guidelines around the world as a way of mitigating the risks associated with COVID-19. In the ukactive “Government guidelines for reopening” webinar, Pete Wells, head of standards and risk at ukactive stated: “The examples we've been given by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport on this is that if you can't keep two metres [apart], you can do one metre with, in our sector's case it is actually a screen that needs to be there. So it can't be a mask, it has to be a screen in between bits of equipment or yoga mats.”

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    With a no-tools set-up, these anti-microbial mesh screens trap the coronavirus much more effectively than perspex or plastics, without affecting the airflow or acoustic benefits that you've worked so hard to put in place. These screens should be used alongside following other government guidelines such as social distancing, and with a thorough cleaning regime within your facility.

    Offer peace of mind in a socially-distanced fitness space that doesn't interfere with what members and staff already love about your gym.

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