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    Look what happens when HIIT, cycle, yoga and boutique style come together - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Look what happens when HIIT, cycle, yoga and boutique style come together

    If anyone still has doubts about people’s thirst for innovative, fun and fresh fitness experiences, there’s a success story in London to prove them wrong. Set in one of London’s most fashionable areas is a boutique club that has the look, facilities and commitment to excellence that the area demands.

    The ‘Another Space’ club is a superb fitness destination in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. Central to the concept are facilities and a style that live up to the promise of a high-end boutique setting for ‘fitness-savvy, fashion-conscious Londoners’.

    Another Space Group shot

    Great spaces for great workouts

    Another Space puts the emphasis on class-based sessions for focussed high intensity interval training (HIIT), cycle and power yoga workouts synced to music. Each style of training has its own dedicated area in the club, which is spread across two floors.

    Escape Fitness and Another Space, along with Goldstein Ween Architects, devised a new concept for the HIIT area. Escape was involved from the beginning, bringing ideas to the project that would help to develop optimal use of the space.

    Jason Tubbs, Managing Director of Another Space, says: “I’ve worked with Escape Fitness for a number of years, so when I wanted to develop the new HIIT concept I knew they could help us make it a reality."

    Escape put together a bespoke solution, starting with a ceiling-mounted boxing rail that lets trainers and members slide punchbags into the open when needed, and then back into a central storage area. The punchbags themselves were also created by Escape. These have Another Space branding and are longer than regular bags to provide maximum exercise options. It's a good example of the type of custom design work that Escape has carried out for a number of clubs looking for unique, stylish solutions.

    There's also a range of functional training tools including GRIPRs, Sandbags and Bulgarian Bags. Each HIIT workout combines time on the functional tools with boxing-based exercise. Rack5 storage racks are there too, providing stylish storage in the most space-efficient way possible.


    Another Space Boxing Bags

    Full occupancy and an expanding timetable

    Jason Tubbs reports good things about the HIIT concept: "Our HIIT area is our most popular studio and the impact has been phenomenal. The HIIT sessions were incredibly popular from day one, with full occupancy in most of the classes - so much so that extra classes were added within weeks of opening.”

    At the other extreme, Escape helped Another Space design and kit out a specialist yoga room. With its mirrored walls, the clean, minimalist aesthetic emphasises light and space. Once sessions begin, the electronic blinds close to create a serene, secluded feel. Equipped with Escape’s yoga mats, it’s an inspiring environment – the perfect complement to the blood-pumping HIIT space.

    Another Space Yoga Mats

    It’s all about quality

    With the same investment team behind it as the luxury ‘Third Space’ health clubs in Canary Wharf, Marylebone, Soho and Tower Bridge, it’s no surprise that quality runs through every square metre of Another Space. The changing rooms are stylish and spacious, with accessories like hairbrushes and beauty products on hand. Visitors can also address their nutrition needs, thanks to the availability of amazing food from Detox Kitchen (fancy a healthy salmon burger?) and Natural Fitness Food.

    Another Space - Kitchen

    But despite these excellent facilities, the emphasis is very definitely on the core fitness offerings. Another Space is all about helping people achieve their best ever fitness levels and their commitment to results is seen in everything they do.

    Just take a look at the way they kicked off 2017 with a ‘Resolution 21’ challenge to complete 21 classes from 5 January to 28 February. Based on the theory that repeating something 21 times makes it a habit, it’s a great concept which showed people that quality fitness is achievable, especially with a HIIT element that is so efficient in achieving results.

    Initiatives like this have proved their worth. Since opening in the summer of 2016, Another Space has established itself as a premium boutique space with exceptional facilities. Powered by inspirational trainers, workout-appropriate music and a superb design aesthetic, it’s blazing a trail as one the freshest boutiques in the capital.

    Get the Escape experience

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