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    Let Escape help you choose the right fitness products - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Let Escape help you choose the right fitness products

    When you need to choose from different versions of a product, but don’t have much time, how about seeing all the information on a single page?

    Let’s take a look at two gym essentials within the range: training bags and exercise mats…

    How To Choose Bags

    Functional training bags are among the most versatile pieces of equipment available, giving you options for throwing, catching, lifting and swinging exercises. The Escape range includes four distinct products that cover everyone from beginners to professional athletes:

    Sandbags – perfect for developing the stabilising muscles throughout the whole body.

    Corebags – an entry-level tool that's a great introduction to basic exercise patterns.

    Professional Bulgarian Bags – this lets you include rotation in your workouts, so it’s ideally suited to 360 degree movement patterns and tri-planar movements.

    Fitness Bulgarian Bags – the various handle options mean there are a multitude of exercises to work your grip, so it’s perfect for use in functional class training or in Group X.

    How To Choose Mats


    The range of exercise mats is even bigger, with seven great options for stretching, bending, flexing, springing and sparring:

    Core mat - easy to clean between sessions and with eyelets for easy storage, so these are ideal for studio work.

    Flex mat - outstanding comfort and grip makes this mat well suited for Pilates, stretching and other mind, body and balance exercises.

    Eco Yoga mat - yes it’s for yoga, but it can be used for other stretching based work too, and is made with toxin-free materials.

    Yoga mat - this features a centre line for guidance, making it the ideal mat for beginners.

    Multi-Purpose Small and Multi-Purpose Large mat - a PVC covering and compound foam create easy-to-clean, versatile and comfortable mats.

    Combat mat - tough and battle-ready for contact sports training.

    Check out the Escape Fitness products pages for even more functional fitness equipment.