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    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.


    Functional training at its very best involves brilliant PTs with in-depth knowledge of excellent programming. This is always achieved not just through training, but through education complementing a fitness trainer’s vast knowledge of movement.

    A MOVE IT space incorporates all the components PTs and gyms will ever need to offer their clients for functional, fun, total body workouts. MOVE IT has everything you need to deliver a varied, high intensity training programme, engaging members of every fitness level. Straight out of the box, it's designed to achieve the maximal performance and post exercise benefits for anyone.

    move it programming

    Gamification for fitness gains.

    The MOVE IT group training programme seamlessly integrates seamlessly with Myzone, offering further instruction, fitness tracking and gamification to any workout.

    Introducing Myzone into the MOVE IT mix means that members get instant, colour-coded feedback on their performance via their phone or a screen in the gym. The more effort put into the MOVE IT workouts, the more Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) the user earns. The MOVE IT/Myzone combination delivers powerful motivation in a group class setting as members instantly see and monitor effort.



    First time experience.

    The MOVE IT training is perfect for any client of any fitness level and could open so many new doors for PTs and gyms, enhancing the services they are able to offer. Being able to offer group training, for example, is a massive benefit to PTs because it helps them to improve their hourly rates as well as services.

    Distributor manager for Escape, Roger Wysocki loved his first MOVE IT experience. He said: “For me it was about awareness of movement – moving in frontal, sagittal and transverse planes.

    “It gives an understanding of fundamental moves and how to apply those moves to equipment and incorporate them into exercise programmes. It was theory and practice working in harmony, creating a real sweat. It was superb!”


    Train the fitness trainers.

    Escape is building its team of Master Trainers to understand the benefits of functional fitness, promote the MOVE IT programming alongside other group training opportunities, and bring a new sense of community and member benefit to everything that we do.

    Leading the Master Trainer team around the globe is Rachel Young, Escape’s head of training and education.

    “I see group training and member experience as the solution to all operators for both staff and member retention and also the key in leveraging revenue streams. It is critical for operators to keep members highly engaged and clubs innovative to keep being on point in the industry.

    “My background in the fitness industry spans over three decades,” explains Rachel. “As an experienced multi-site operator, I specialise in product development, member experience, digital platforms, operations, plus sales and retention strategies.

    “I have the ability to identify profitable opportunities for the development and evolution of any size club while maintaining member experience, and I see this being a perfect fit with Escape Fitness.

    “If you've got any questions about training, education, member experience or programming, please don't hesitate to contact me.”

    For more programming options in gyms, boutiques, studios and other fitness spaces, check out the blog homepage.