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    Dumbbells and their predecessors have been around for thousands of years. In Ancient Greece they were known as halters. In Ancient Persia they were meels. The dumbbell as we know it today can be traced back to the 17th Century.

    Perhaps the biggest development in dumbbell usage in the past few decades was when Istvan Javorek introduced his famous ‘Javorek’s Complex’ for dumbbells in the 1980s. The mix of rows, pull snatches and thrusters continues to be used by thousands of coaches and exercisers every day.

    history of the dumbbell


    Gym equipment that has stood the test of time

    There’s a very good reason why dumbbells have stood the test of time: they work. They are the perfect tool for complex routines that focus on strength and conditioning.

    Dumbbells are often the first pieces of equipment that many people pick up when they start to get into exercise. But for some, they are seen as purely tools for strength training. That’s a shame, because dumbbells can play an important role in exercise for just about anyone.


    Dumbbells aren’t just for weightlifters

    In a Chicago Tribune interview with Lou Ferrigno (two-time Mr. Universe and Incredible Hulk actor), Ferrigno was asked whether running, cycling and doing yoga without strength training was a mistake.

    “Yes, you need a combination,” he explained. “You don't have to look like the Hulk, but you do need to weight train. After the age of 35 your muscle atrophies, and the only way to stop that is resistance training, which also helps stop osteoporosis.

    “All hard exercise can do it – dumbbells, stretch bands, even intense cardio. My grandfather was a bricklayer, he and his two brothers did hard work for a living – lifting bricks, laying cement – and lived into their ’80s.”

    urethane dumbbells


    The Escape Fitness dumbbells

    It’s not hard to get hold of a set of dumbbells and you can pick up one up for not much money at all. So why invest more in Escape dumbbells? What is it about our products that make them so different?

    When you use them, there are three things that combine to give you dumbbells that perform superbly now, and that will last for years to come:

    • Dumbbell materials. Dumbbells really take a pounding in the gym and they have to be ultra-tough. The materials we use have been specially formulated for our dumbbells and other fitness equipment. Read the article Shouldering the weight of dumbbell manufacturing for more information.
    • Dumbbell design. Details become an obsession during the design process at Escape. Details like the anti-roll shape of some of our dumbbells and the large, clear numbering to make weight selection quick and easy.
    • Dumbbell testing. Escape developed new testing equipment that has created a benchmark for dumbbells. It led to our products getting certification from one of the largest certification organisations in the world, the TÜV SÜD Group.


    For more insights from fitness industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs, check out the blog homepage.


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