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    A study into fitness trends for 2019 has highlighted the need for employing certified fitness professionals within fitness business for the benefit of all involved.

    The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) released its annual exploration into the industry, entitled Worldwide Survey Of Fitness Trends For 2019. The information has been collected from an online survey sent to over 37,000 fitness professionals.

    Employing certified fitness professionals was a new survey item for 2019, replacing “educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals,” which was determined to be too broadly defined as a survey item.

    The study describes the benefits of certified fitness professionals looked at as: “Fitness Professionals who have been certified by educational programs and certification programs that are fully accredited have a base of knowledge that is essential for performing the tasks of the job.” It defines a trend as: “A general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving.”

    It’s more than just about knowledge at a base level, though.

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    Why is education so important in fitness?

    It’s not just about the fitness education and resulting certification that qualifies a trainer to be right for your business and the bigger industry picture. There’s a lot of work that needs to go into ensuring they know your brand values, programming approach and core principles in everything you do as a business.

    For Escape, we’re keen to work with certified professionals but also have a Master Trainer course that allows us to instil Escape values in everyone that takes part. Not only does this ensure that we’re all on the same page, but it helps everyone involved understand why we do what we do.


    “I have implemented a Master Trainer team to work with elite trainers that have a deep connection with the Escape brand and a robust understanding of its foundations,” explains Rachel Young, head of training and education at Escape.

    “This enables each and every trainer to deliver a first-class experience on Escape’s products and understand the “Why?” behind each one.

    “The Master Trainer events have been a great success. Attendees have immersed themselves in Escape’s approach to functional training and how to use the various equipment and tools. Plus, they participated in breakdown sessions on how to run Escape’s proprietary MOVE IT, HIIT THE DECK and BATTLE FIT programming.”

    What about the future of employing certified fitness professionals?

    It takes a special person to stand out about the competition and provide a member experience that any gym goer will remember. At a grassroots level the fitness industry can help future fitpros understand exactly what’s needed from them as an operator, PT or instructor.

    One person leading the charge with this approach is Jeff Kreil of Moorpark College. In the video below he explains what the key skills are that are needed, long before post graduation certification is even considered.

    It’s this indoctrination and behavioural change that will see the fitness industry and members benefit in the long term, in addition to the traditional way of employing certified fitness professionals and integrating them within teams.



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