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    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.


    Dude Perfect are known for their incredible trick shots and bottle flips, reaching YouTube fame with billions of viewers. They also regularly team up as brand ambassadors with some of the biggest names in business, such as Marvel, NFL teams, ESPN, Nike and more.  

    Coby of Dude Perfect tells us how working with Marathon Fitness for an Escape install brought major benefits to their mezzanine gym. He explains: “This was the first time we’ve ever created a workout space at Dude Perfect, so it was important that we do it right. One of the key features here at DPHQ2 workout space is the Octagon by Escape.”

    Find out more about Dude Perfect and their secret to trick shot success, thanks to the perfect gym design.

    The Dude Perfect team don’t just use their Octagon fitness frame and Escape equipment for health benefits, though… It’s all about a new way to use fitness equipment: trick shots.

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    dude perfect

    Dude Perfect double bounce plyo box trick shot.

    Standing on top of a three Plyosoft Box stack, how many attempts do you think it took to bounce a ping pong ball off the first functional fitness frame leg, onto a second leg, for the ball to land on another plyo box stack and funnel down into a cup?

    double bounce plyo box trick

    Dude Perfect ball sports plyo TIYR combo.

    This one’s an eclectic mix of equipment in the name of bottle flip fame. Football/soccer ball? Check. Baseball bat and tee? Check. Escape TIYR and Plyosoft Box stacked to the perfect height? Check.

    “You might be thinking: ‘are you playing soccer and baseball?’ Heh,” says one of the dudes, “…I’m bottle flipping.” Taking a swing at the ball, seconds later the bottle bounces down onto the Escape functional fitness equipment. Dude… Perfect!

    plyo tiyr combo

    Dude Perfect dip bars bottle flip.

    Take an incline bench and get crunching! Do you think you could confidently take on an abs workout while flipping a bottle past your feet to successfully land on a dip station of a functional fitness frame?

    bottle flip

    Dude Perfect upside down fitness frame bottle flip.

    Spin to win! This time the dudes let gravity do its work, from hanging upside down on the Dude Perfect HQ Octagon fitness frame. Flip the bottle, flip the camera, flip out that it finally worked!

    upside down bottle trick

    Dude Perfect basketball bottle flip box trick.

    Not one, not two, but three Plyosoft Boxes are stacked up as gravity is put in charge once again. Perfecting not only the bounce but the slide of the bottle, post-flip, this one’s a double win.

    bottle flip box trick

    Watch the full Dude Perfect water bottle flip 2 video.


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