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    Whether supporting the community or solely acting from professional standpoint, corporate social responsibility is something that every business should be working on. With a great deal of generosity driving any decision here, you’d be forgiven in thinking every act of kindness has to remain altogether altruistic, but that’s not strictly true.

    Working with CAMPOL, the Cambs Police Amateur Boxing Club and Peterborough Police Amateur Boxing Club, digital marketing manager, Ben Hackney-Williams, looks into how Escape is backing boxing and other fitness initiatives in Peterborough, spreading the message to Escape Your Limits while improving both community and company alike.

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    Cambs Police Amateur Boxing Club

    Supporting sport to save lives.

    Originally founded in Huntingdon by retired police officer Mick Taylor, Cambs Police Amateur Boxing Club was established in 1972 and has been developing as a successful grassroots outlet of positivity and fitness ever since.

    Serving police officer, Chris Baker, saw the need to set up a Peterborough division of CAMPOL in 2013, working in partnership with the police with the aim of improving community cohesion, raising community spirit and reducing violence on the streets.

    Since then, Peterborough Police Amateur Boxing Club has been granted funding by Sport England, moved to a purpose-built gym and continues to actively improve the lives of both local residents and people further afield, travelling around the United Kingdom and Europe for competitions and events.

    Boxing for the biggest benefits.

    Escape spoke to the man behind this incredible boxing initiative, who explained how equipment donations go a long way in supporting the work of the club to improve the lives of youngsters across the local area.

    “I’m PC Chris Baker, head coach and founder of Peterborough Police Amateur Boxing Club, which is affiliated to England Boxing, the sport’s only national governing body.”


    Escape Fitness boxing gloves

    “A community sports club designed to divert young people away from crime and disorder and out of the criminal justice system, the boxing club is run by a very passionate and dedicated team of volunteers that keep this not-for profit club running to a very high standard.

    “The equipment donated by Mark Lock and the team at Escape Fitness is paramount to our club’s success. This allows us to use funding streams in other ways, rather than on expensive boxing equipment – ways like keeping training fees down to a minimum for some of these very troubled young people. The weights equipment also donated has helped the young athletes reach their full potential.

    “We really appreciate your support and the young people are forever in the company’s debt.”

    The start of a strong support relationship.

    Following years of working together, Mark Lock, Escape’s engineering services director, explains how this partnership came about, and how it’s benefiting the local community.

    “I was first aware of CAMPOL having seen an article in the local paper some years ago and was impressed with what Chris and Vicki (his wife) and their coaches were doing. Voluntarily, they’re engaging the local teenagers, boys and girls, in boxing as a way of giving them a sense of purpose and achievement, rather than going on the wrong path in their lives. Or, they’re putting those that have wandered onto a better path. 

    “The training that they are given not only enhances their health and wellbeing, it gives them social and life skills that will stand them well as they progress to job interviews and careers, with disciplines, interaction and respect of others, that they would not otherwise understand the need for.

    “To this end and as this is a charitable organisation, with the staff giving of their time freely and continually trying to raise funds for equipment and events, I (on behalf of Escape Fitness) started to donate our fitness equipment to them. This was initially product development samples that had been superseded by new designs.”


    From fundraisers to focus groups – everybody wins.

    Everybody wins when it comes to working with the community. What starts out as a passion project or a generous donation of time soon evolves to benefit all involved, whether you’re giving or receiving attention or aid. Escape started out selflessly sourcing equipment for the community boxing initiative, but it was soon apparent that this community group could return the favour with welcome opinion on the products, too.

    Mark continues: “I soon realised that Escape could also benefit from the relationship by having them use our new product innovations to test in a real time environment, giving invaluable feedback on functionality and longevity. This has been very successful and has enabled us to improve designs, functionality and product quality.

    “Escape Fitness is a purpose-led brand and we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, not only supporting our clients and staff but also our local community and organisations such as CAMPOL who are making a real change to individuals and families that live within it.

    “Escape Fitness has also donated to the British Heart Foundation and Help For Heroes, among others. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Chris and the CAMPOL team, and continuing to support other good causes in the future.”

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