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    Businessman, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Self Made Training Facility in California, Miguel Aguilar lives a life with no excuses. His drive and determination has seen him start with very little and build an empire of real estate sales, huge fitness spaces full of passionate PTs and apparel that creates a buzz across almost every platform on social media.

    miguel aguilar“I'll make it direct and brief, in a sense,” Miguel tells Matthew Januszek on the Escape Your Limits podcast. “I call it: abandoned, homeless and broke, and this is my story. That's how I always start off. My mother abandoned me when I was 12 years old. She left us with my father, said she was going to return and never did.

    “My father was a heavy alcoholic and drug addict. It progressed even worse from 12 all the way to 16. By the time I was 16, he committed a crime that they incarcerated him for 22 years.”

    Watch or listen to Miguel’s full Self Made Training Escape Your Limits podcast episode.


    The start of something new in business.

    Through a passion for wrestling, Miguel gained a never-quit attitude. This is the reason that he regularly describes how fitness saved his life. With a thirst for knowledge and the ambition to escape a job he hated, Miguel made the move in a new direction to a world he’d never experienced before.

    “I was trying to figure out what’s my next move. At dinner when I was complaining about my job, someone suggested I tried real estate. I’d already graduated high school and I was about two years into my first job. I said I’d give it a shot.

    “I always tell this story about not giving up and wanting to actually accomplish something. When it came to my real estate test, I failed it nine times! It’s not because I was stupid, but I wasn’t committed. I wasn’t committed to what I wanted to do.

    “Finally, after the ninth time, I had to take a look at myself in the mirror and say ‘what do you actually want to do? What are you going to do about it?’

    “The first time from the age of 16 all the way up to about 23, I didn’t go out for a month. I put my head down and committed to passing this test. I go take the test, and I pass!”



    “The mindset had to switch,” says Miguel. “Once I committed, look what happened. It’s about persistence. I don’t quit… I’m a wrestler.”

    Now, having embedded himself in the world of fitness with a successful PT business and more, Miguel Aguilar's Self Made Training locations across California and in Vegas act as proof of his determination and drive. His story is incredible, going from hardship to found multiple business ventures and find a loving wife to form a family of his own.

    The point of this article? Abandoned. Homeless. Broke. Successful... We have no excuses. Escape Your Limits and find a way to make your vision and dream come true.

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