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    A total body tyre workout for everyone - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    A total body tyre workout for everyone

    For the latest in our long-running ‘Workout of the Week’ (WoW) series, Paul Chipp and Laura Carroll are back with a workout that demonstrates the versatility of the Escape TIYR.

    Three moves are used in this workout, and all of them are achievable by anyone, so it’s great for trainers who work with clients of all abilities. You can increase the time spent on each exercise as an individual’s level of fitness and ability with the TIYR improves.


    The tyre workout

    Start off with 60 seconds on each set of these exercises and then add time to increase endurance:

    Jumps – simple jumps on and off the TIYR, but watch the video to see the way that Laura adds twists to each jump.

    Press-up with Twist – this combines press-ups and squat thrusts, with some twists added in for good measure.

    TIYR Flip – a very simple exercise but one that most people find much more challenging than they imagined.


    Jump, flip, lift and carry the TIYR

    The Escape TIYR takes an old favourite - flipping old tractor tyres – and turns it into a stylish, more versatile training tool. Available in four weights, the TIYR has the right size and features for a great whole body workout. Visit our TIYR page for more details, or get it touch with the Escape team: give us a call on +44 (0) 1733 313 535 or email [email protected]

    And if you are a trainer and want to use the TIYR in a variety of workouts with your clients (or a gym operator looking to upskill your staff), check out the Escape TIYR Product Training Workshop. Available from Escape Training at your premises or online, it’s packed with TIYR fundamentals and 30 exercises to master, as well challenges and a sample workout.

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