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    5 fitness lessons from lockdown - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    5 fitness lessons from lockdown

    When it comes to fitness, in order to make the most of every effort, it takes concentrated effort in more ways than one. Don't wait for motivation to kick in when it's discipline that you need.

    Lucy Januszek, UK training, education and sales performance manager at Escape, tells us of her fitness journey throughout the coronavirus pandemic, juggling family life, work responsibilities and maintaining a regular workout routine.

    Whether gyms are open or not, here's how you can make the most of fitness with exciting gym equipment no matter what the world throws at you.

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    Work out with others that hold you accountable.

    My fitness journey during lockdown has been very up and down. With three children, home schooling and helping to support the running of a business, it became a challenge, to say the least.

    I also quite suddenly realised that all three of my children now needed more stimulation from their mother than ever due to being in a very rare and unique situation... They could no longer see their friends or teachers for communication and education. We became each other’s “quaranteam.”

    Find what works for you long term.

    I decided to start daily outdoor fitness circuits for me and the girls to incorporate some fitness education while keeping us all active. I also decided educating them on health and fitness was the best lesson in life to lead them into a happy healthy future.

    The fitness equipment I had accumulated over the years was covered in spiders, dust, and some of it looked good for the bin. However I cleaned it all up and we were ready to go.

    Understand that it won't always be easy, but it's worth it.

    We had tears, laughs, ups and downs. Some days they even had a fight over the equipment but fitness became our every day routine. This slowly developed into a more structured family fitness session every Saturday with the legend that is, Amen, inventor of the TIYR Sport. All this just took place on our driveway and in our garden.

    We continued this each Saturday with the children’s involvements in the workouts they'd picked up along the way. They even created their own workout clips, which was just amazing.

    Plan your sessions and mix up your routine.

    I slowly decided to introduce more outdoor fitness equipment, as nothing would stop me from hitting my goals. Using the VECTOR, the CMT, dumbbells and kettlebells, I had a great family of products to start my very own outdoor lockdown fitness routine.

    I ensured I got up early and got out on my drive or in the garden, come rain or shine, and I got it done. I had to get creative with my workouts. With no CV equipment I planned my sessions throughout the week. My neighbours probably thought “it’s that mad women from the corner lapping the block again” in between reps and sets.

    Share your workouts with others.

    After four months with lockdown easing, I'm slowly able to introduce outdoor training with my favourite workout buddy, Danielle, which has just been amazing.


    If you're looking for gym equipment for your own home fitness routine then drop me a message from the videos above. For any additional inspiration from some of my home workouts, you'll find plenty more on my page!


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