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Why take this workshop? Plyometric training methods can reap excellent results for clients as they can see muscle gained quickly and fat burned fast. However, they can be very demanding on the person performing them and are also very challenging for trainers to teach correctly.

There are many mistakes a trainer can make with plyometric exercises and therefore it is crucial that trainers learn how to introduce this method safely and effectively. Plyometric training, particularly when it is more advanced, is high risk and it is important to have a tried and tested system to implement it correctly. This workshop guides you through our plyometric training approach, which ensures effective development and safety.

By studying and increasing your knowledge on plyometric training, you are not only decreasing the risk of injury sustained during workout, but also maximising the physical reward.

  • Looking for a smart training system, which can be applied quickly and safely to a variety of clients?
  • Hoping to introduce jump training into programmes and facing problems with over-training or increased injury rate?
  • Have you had problems getting clients to perform box jumps as they’re afraid of injury, or don’t trust their own ability?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve clients’ speed, power and agility?

More trainers are using explosive, dynamic movements in their programmes without a good plyometric training background. A lot of clients have not gone through the necessary preparatory training to perform these exercises. More often than not, trainers will give clients exercises like box jumps as part of a workout. This exercise is intense and places a high amount of stress on the body. The risk of injury is far greater if clients are not prepared for this exercise.

This was one of the driving forces behind creating this workshop; to ensure that trainers understand what plyometric exercises are and know how to implement them safely and teach them properly, tailoring exercises to their client’s ability. By taking this workshop, you will be able to introduce plyometric training to a variety of your clients in a fashion that unleashes great results.

Studies demonstrate that an effective and adaptable plyometric programme can improve power output, agility and proprioceptive [individual] awareness for both male and female athletes. By incorporating these into your health club or PT sessions, clients will see results, keep coming back for more and tell their friends about your workouts!


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  •  Learn how to reduce injury rate by increased proprioceptive awareness.
  •  Discover the benefits of improved agility by increasing the power output by the body’s largest muscle group.
  •  Delivers an excellent complementary workout to be used alongside strength training, conditioning the
     whole body.
  •  Uncover numerous exercises to incorporate into PT sessions or as examples in your health club.
  •  Learn how our plyometric training platforms can help you help your members overcome any fear of
     jump training.




Delivery format: Two hours in-club workshop OR via online self-study.
REPs points: 2
CEU points: 0.2
Assessment: Online (for in-club and online delivery formats).

Participants receive a certificate of attendance online once completed.

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