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How to stay healthy, pandemic or no pandemic - Blog.

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How to stay healthy, pandemic or no pandemic

For many, staying healthy during a global crisis such as a pandemic is no different than staying healthy during any given day. More often than not, it's just that news and tragedy brings life lessons to the forefront of our minds.

As CEO of Kaged Muscle and with years of fitness knowledge researched from around the world, Kris Gethin knows what it takes to embrace the challenge and come out on top every time. His advice on staying healthy during a pandemic below is something we should all be putting in to practice for longevity and a better quality of life.

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kris gethin disconnect from the media

Disconnect from the media.

That is the first thing because, whether you're watching CBS or whatever, you need to disconnect. What you are consuming there may not be correct, but it's consuming you. I see it with so many people, they'd be overly consumed by the media. I believe it's structured in a way to do so. So that's the first thing that I tell people is just, you know, disconnect. Be informed, of course, be informed, but don't overly consume that, whether it be online or elsewhere.

Make sure you have structure.

You need to have the same structure. You know, if you're unfortunate and you don't, you're out of work at the moment. You still have to stay to the same structure as you did previously because, guess what? You will be going back to work, and you may find it a lot harder than somebody who did stick to this structure to get a job role. So that means getting up in the morning; that means not hitting the snooze button.

Discipline yourself.

I like to encourage forms of discipline that have a transcendent effect to other areas of your life. So I always tell people: hey, if you feel like a warm shower in the morning, have a cold shower. You may not feel like it, but get used to doing things that you don't want to do get comfortable being uncomfortable, because it's going to be so much easier for you to deal with uncomfortable situations. Plus, cold therapy really helps with vagal nerve toning, so you're going to be much more emotionally stable during this time. So cold therapy is very good. If you've got an ice bath, cryotherapy chamber or a cold shower, then participate in that cold therapy.

Exercise and eat well.

I don't care if you don't have a gym, you have to participate in some form of activity. Whether that means going up and down your stairs at home or doing some burpees, some sit ups and push ups, or some jumping jacks... Do it because you have to remove a lot of the toxins; you have to get rid of a lot of the lactic acid.

Make sure that you participate in what would be like lymphatic drainage. So you're going to have a stronger immune system and then avoid anything that is going to have a compromised effects on your immune system. So no vegetable oils, no sugars, no fast food. Think of eating the rainbow with your meals. If you want to fast in the morning, great! That's going to help with your immune system as well.

Supplement what you need to.

If you cannot afford to go organic human raised grass fed, then make sure that you're supplementing high with like your vitamin C. If you're not able to get outside because we're locked down, supplement with vitamin D and K2 as well. Then, at least you're getting some of those immune-building benefits from your supplementation.

Crack a smile.

As weird as it sounds, force a smile upon his face. It has shown in studies if you smile, even if you have to force it, you're going to feel better about yourself.

Stay connected to family and friends.

If we study the Blue Zones, where there's a disproportionate amount of people living to 100 years or older, one common thread whether they be in Aachen, our Sardinia, or Yorba Linda, these people have connection with their family with their community. So even though that you may be at home by yourself, try to stay connected with as many people online as you possibly can.


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